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Games for children 7-10 years old

"Sly notes"

Such a game for children 7-10 years old requires two sheets of paper and a pen.

One sheet must be cut into ten pieces,Which we will call scraps. The second sheet we use for the plan. On the first sheet you should write "Note No. 1" on one side, and on the reverse side indicate the place where "Note No. 2" is located. For example, note number 2 is hidden in a drawer of a desk. But on the second note is to indicate where the next and so on. On the last note, you need to specify the location of the plan, but on the plan is to draw a place in which the prize is located. The essence of the game depends on how much more interesting options will be. All these notes and the plan are hidden in accordance with what was written.

Then the room is called to the players and they tell them the landmark, relative to the location of the first note. The winner is the one who will be the first to find a prize.

"Win a prize"

Requisites of the game: chair and the prize itself. Children should be placed opposite each other, and before them put a chair on which the prize will lie. The presenter should begin to count: "1, 2, three-one, 1, 2, three -teen, 1, 2, three-thirty and so on." The winner will be the child who will show his attentiveness and the first will touch and take the prize at the moment when the presenter will say: "3!".

"What does your friend look like?"

The process of this game for children 7-10 years oldShould watch the judge (preferably someone from adults). Players must stand facing each other and study their friend's appearance for about five seconds. After that, the child should turn his back and alternately describe the appearance of the comrade: hair color, clothing, height, etc. The winner will be the one who will call the most similarities and will not allow any mistakes. After this, you can proceed to the second part of the game, in which each player must quietly change for his partner any detail of his appearance (change the hair, undo the button, etc.). The task of the players is to understand what was changed in appearance.


This game is great for kids 7-10 years old inThe moment of celebrating the birthday. In the room you need to arrange chairs in random order. Then distribute roles among the children in this order: "commander", "scout", "detachment" (several children must enter here). The "Scout" is to be sent across the entire room so that he can bypass the standing chairs from either side, plotting the route, "commander" at this moment should carefully look and remember the whole route. Then he must conduct his "detachment" this way. By the way, roles can be changed and each new scout must make a new route.


For this game you need to take two cards withThe same images and using scissors to cut them into six to eight parts, which can have a variety of shapes (square, triangle, etc.). The child, guided by a postcard-sample, must fold the particles of the card.


For this game you do not need a bigger inflatable ball. Children should build themselves in a circle and throw the ball to each other, while catching it or beating it, roughly, like at the moment of playing volleyball. The player that missed or dropped the ball is called a "pumpkin". He must squat down in the center of the circle and start throwing a ball on him.

At the moment, if the ball after hitting the "pumpkin" fell onLand, it should not be considered missed, and the new "pumpkin" is the one who lost the ball, the old "pumpkin" should leave the game. The winner of the last of the two players that remained, who failed to drop the ball, becoming after that "pumpkin".

With the help of these games your child can develop not only his physical qualities, but also exercise logic.

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