/ / Back massage to an infant

Back massage to an infant

Indication for a back massage of an infant

  • Weak back and neck muscles;
  • Pathological posture (flat and round-concave back, round back, stoop);
  • scoliosis;
  • kyphosis;
  • Congenital muscular torticollis;
  • After vertebral fractures;
  • Hereditary neuromuscular diseases.

Contraindications for back massage

  • Fever, acute fever;
  • Purulent processes;
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin of the back;
  • Skin diseases;
  • Diseases associated with increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • Acute period of illness (hepatitis, nephritis, tuberculosis, etc.);
  • Hernia with a tendency to infringe;
  • Mental disorders, etc.

How is a back massage done to a child in infancy

This massage you can do to your baby inHome conditions. First, you need to lay a table with a blanket folded several times, and put a diaper over the blanket. From a dense diaper you need to roll a roller and put it under the baby's breast. For the back massage, you need an assistant who will stretch the baby's hands forward, and press them with their palms extended to the surface of the table.

Stage 1. Stroking.
Stroking starts from the buttocks from below upwards on the back. Stroking is performed with closed fingers on the back side. This should be repeated five to six times.

2 stage. Trituration.
This exercise is also performed by the middle phalanxes of the back of the closed fingers. Start circular movements from the buttocks up the back. Repeat this exercise four times.

Stage 3. Stroking (See step 1).

4. The stage. Kneading.
Shorten your fingers and begin to do with knuckles from below upward along the back of the spiral movements. Repeat the exercise three or four times.

5 stage. Finishing stroking (See step 1).

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