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How to raise a not spoiled child

Children who are spoiled, from the smallest age, considerThemselves elected, they develop feelings such as callousness, selfishness, rudeness, tactlessness. They are capricious and quite often complain about their parents, peers, although in the majority of their claims have no basis. With such children it is difficult not only for parents, but also for educators in kindergarten, and teachers in school.

A spoiled child always wants an increasedAttention to themselves and usually envies the success of others. Therefore, young parents and ask themselves how to raise a spoiled child? And for this you just need to know how to behave correctly.

In the first year of life it is difficult to spoil the child, butLay the foundation for pampering in the future is quite possible. If the whole day the mother does not take her eyes off her child, constantly offers him that one, then another pleasure, tries to entertain him, then most likely she exceeds the baby's need for attention and care. Thus, in a couple of years the kid will understand that his mother is completely in his power.

As a rule, those parents who indulge children who:

  • Long waited for the baby and therefore give him increased attention, they are afraid that they will not have a second child;
  • Have been educated as a psychologist or educator and now think that they must prove their competence;
  • Are not confident in their abilities, and therefore they turn themselves into slaves of their baby, putting on him hopes of unfulfilled dreams;
  • Feel dislike for their child and try to make it up to them by fulfilling all the whims and whims.

Spoiled most often are the first children, because with the second child, parents are already more experienced and behave more confidently.

Of course, parents want the child to haveAll the best, so that the kid does not need anything. The baby wants to eat a tasty meal and dress beautifully - for many parents this is a sign of a good childhood. However, perhaps this is a criterion for the happiness of parents, and not at all a child. After all, a kid does not care how much a toy or a T-shirt costs. It is necessary to teach the child to respect others and their desires. The most important thing for a child is the love of parents and loved ones, and not material benefits. None of the most expensive laptops will not replace walks on a day off in the park or a hike on rides. A real man - not one that fights in the playground, but one that is responsible for their actions. If you continue to pamper, then the day will come when parents will become only a money bag for the child, and most important for him will be himself.

Below are simple rules, adhering to which, you can raise a child without spoiling it:

It is necessary to explain to the baby what is the difference between necessity and idle desire.

Toys with which the kid does not play and things are alreadyNot suitable for the size, can be collected together with the child and taken to an orphanage. The child will understand that there are people in the world who initially do not have everything necessary. So the child will learn to feel compassion and share with others.

It is necessary to be prepared for the baby to beConstantly compare yourself with others. Comparison with others is normal human behavior. Each person in something achieves more than others, and in something lags behind. Because of this, a situation arises when a child needs a certain thing only because she has someone else. Buy in this situation, the thing can only be if the thing is really necessary and useful. If this is another trinket, then you should not buy it, but you should definitely explain your decision. Another option is to offer the child to "earn" this thing, for example, help with housework or grades at school.

You should teach your child how to plan his expenses and save money.

It is necessary to teach the child to earn. Of course, this is not about making the child earn his own needs from the very childhood. You just need to teach the child that to get something to work. Let him try at school or help his mother.

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