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Variants of outdoor games for children

It is recommended to conduct mobile games for differentTypes of movements during the morning and evening walks or at home. Usually, mobile games are played no more than 2-3 times with a child under two years of age and approximately 4-5 times with a child older than two years, per week, each game should be repeated approximately 2-3 times. To ensure that the child's interest in the game does not fade away, you need to gradually complicate the game over time, adding moves, changing toys and stuff. Moving game, which is included in the physical culture at home or in kindergarten, can be carried out additionally. This is necessary for the child to better understand the rules and the course of the game. We offer to your attention some variants of mobile games for children.

Moving game "Find a toy" for children from one year to 2 years

It is necessary to put the toy in a prominent place in theOne of the corners of the room. Seeing her, the baby should go to her. Then you need to put 3-4 toys in the corner and name one of them. The child should bring the toy you named. The next variant of the game is to hide the toy that the child needs to find, among other toys, so that only a part of it is visible. Then name the toy, after which the baby starts to move, going in search of toys. The toy can be replaced and the exercises done anew.

Moving game "Collect balls" for children over 2 years old

The adult throws balls from the basket, variousIn size and color, and shows the child how to collect them. Then the child with your help should fold them according to the rule: small ones in a smaller box, larger ones in a bigger box.

The game has three options:

The child puts the balls together with your hints.

Folding the balls, the child calls their value (a small ball, a large ball).

Folding the balls, the child calls their color.

Moving game "Hide the toy" for children from one year to 2 years

It is necessary to hide the toy with the child. Then the child, picking up another toy, goes looking for what was hidden with words, for example: "Nina's doll is looking for". The second option is to hide the toy, and the child must find it by himself. The toy can be changed from time to time.

Moving game "Small and large" for children from 1.5 to 2 years old

Before you start playing this game, teachChild perform movements, showing and naming them while doing so. For example, help him sit down, stand up, raise his hands, holding on to a hoop or stick. Then you need to ask the kid to perform the movements that you will call, for example: "Show what kind of a small one you were?", "Show how you can become great!". The child must learn to carry out movements without your help, and also without the help of a hoop or a stick.

Moving game "Steam Engine" for children from 1.5 to 2 years old

The adult is standing in front, the baby from behind is holdingHim. The adult begins to move with the sounds "Chuh - chuh - chuh! Tu - that! ". The game becomes more complicated by increasing the speed of movement, and then changing the places of the adult and the child.

Mobile game "Train" for children from 2 years old

Adult with the child should sit on a chairAnd do circular movements with your hands in front of you, humming: "that - that!" And stomping his feet. The signal "Stop!" Or "Have arrived!" Should mean that it's time to go off the train and collect berries or mushrooms, running around the room.

Moving game "Skates with a slide" for children from 1 year to 2 years

Before the game begins,How to properly roll the ball down the hill and bring it. Then the child must begin the action independently at the request of the adult. It's good if the child rolls large and small balls one at a time. The game becomes more complicated by the fact that the adult calls the color of the ball, and the child must roll that ball, the color or picture of which was named.

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