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Herbal baths for children

What are good for babies herbal baths

The therapeutic functions of herbal baths can beDifferent. It depends on what kind of grass or mixture of herbs you add to the bath while bathing the baby. Baths with the addition of infusions of herbs are able in children to relieve fatigue, cleanse and tone the skin, improve the processes of metabolism in the child's body, remove colds and pain, put the nervous system in order, save the baby from irritation on the skin, etc. But you need to know that the desired effect of herbal baths is achieved only after a full course of these procedures. At least 10 times, or even more, such procedures should be done.

Double herbal baths are pleasant in thatCook them easily and they have a rather pleasant aroma. The duration of the baths with the addition of herbal infusions can last from 5 minutes to 20. The simplest method to prepare such a bath is to prepare the infusion and simply add it to the bath, where the warm water is. It is made infusion of certain herbs, which are selected depending on the result you want to achieve. Take the amount of grass from this calculation - 100 grams of dried or 600 grams of fresh grass for three liters of water. The fire is set to boil water, add the grass you need, bring it all to a boil, removed from the fire. After this mixture is infused for an hour in a thermos bottle.

There are several simple methods of preparationHerbal baths for babies. When using soluble components that are sold in pharmacies (gel with aloe, etc.), you need to dissolve them simply in bathing water.

Herbal baths for small children

Before you bathe the baby in a herbal bath,It is necessary to treat the bath with baby soap or soda. For infants, herbal baths are very useful. The foreign substances (xenobiotics) that are present in the water, the herbs bind and render harmless, and they affect the skin of the child beneficially. It is not recommended to mix grass for small children. Grass is recommended to brew separately (for 10 liters of water - 2-3 tablespoons of raw materials). Grass the pot with two cups of boiling water, insist, filter and add to the bathing water.

Than for children are good those or other herbal baths

With dermatitis, with dry skin in childrenIt is recommended to use baths with oatmeal. The fact is that oatmeal contains many useful for the skin of various valuable components and oils. When using oatmeal for a bath, it is necessary to put it in a pouch. To do this, take a meter of gauze and make a bag. For about five minutes, place the bag of oatmeal in a bath filled with warm water, then wring out. Children's skin during the procedure is absorbed by useful substances, moistened, becomes softer.

Relaxing and restorative herbal bathsIt is good to do to children from the infusion of such herbs as chamomile, string, nettle, thyme, etc. You can also combine herbs. For example, chamomile, string, thyme or string, nettle, oregano, or currant leaves, chamomile, birch leaves, string, etc. After such a bath, your baby will be calm and will sleep well.

At the first sign of colds in childrenA bath with eucalyptus oil is recommended. This oil is known for being a natural disinfectant and perfectly helps in dealing with colds and colds.

In pharmacies there are special fees for bathing("Bayu-bai", soothing, for the skin and many others). Before using such herbal preparations, you should study carefully for what these herbs are intended for. Not for the intended purpose, these fees are not recommended.

Herbal baths for babies are very useful, they will help you cope with many ailments. But before you start a course of herbal baths, consult a doctor.

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