/ How often can I massage a child?

How often can I massage a child?

Newly-baked mothers often ask questionsSuch as: "How often is it necessary to massage a child, what is the length of the procedure, what is the required number of procedures necessary?" Specialists recommend that the child massage the courses, usually at a frequency of once a quarter, if there is no individual testimony of the doctor. If the courses are held more often than once a quarter, the repeated course of massage is carried out with a break for a period of one month.

The session lasts from 20 to 40-45 minutes. At the beginning of the course, its duration is less, then gradually increases. The tolerability and duration of the massage depends on the baby: some babies get tired quickly, while others do it with pleasure for 40-45 minutes. The standard course of massage consists, as a rule, of 10 sessions, but still clearly positive dynamics is visible in the 12-13 session.

Hence, massage to a small child is notYou can just do it, but you need to do it regularly with breaks for rest. Since massage is a certain load on the whole body, some breathing space is needed so that the baby's body can recover after the load.

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