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Children's rechargeable batteries

Children's battery machines can be different. You have the opportunity to purchase:

  • A two-wheeled, three-wheeled motorcycle, a scooter or a tricycle on the battery;
  • Four-wheel quadricycle or a jeep on the battery;
  • A battery excavator or tractor with a steerable body or a bucket;
  • A cordless locomotive that travels on rails or along a flat road.

In the event that the child is a fan of car racing, the best option will be an electric car, similar to the style of the Formula-1 car.

In addition, today the market is rich in electric cars, stylized cars of special services - battery police, fire trucks.

The design of modern electric vehicles today is as close as possible to real cars.

Currently electric vehicles are equippedAdditional accessories: rear-view mirrors and side lights, seat belts, trunk. Phone, audio system, engine model, keys for ignition, number plates. The seller can be invited to all the rest to buy a trailer, a set of tools or garden tools.

Today in the markets of cordless carsAre presented with a 6, 12, 24 volt battery. As you know, the power of the car depends on the volts and the higher the volts, the more powerful the car. However, the powerful does not mean "the best." In addition, if the child is small, then the power of the electric car is not important to him, because he can not cope with it, and maybe even be disappointed.

Therefore, when choosing a car on the batteryShould take into account the age of the child. A small child is more preferable to give a less functional and simpler model. So he can concentrate on his skill, from which he will enjoy and enjoy. As you grow older, you will be able to give the child more serious models of electric cars, which for him can become a real car.

Types of battery cars

The most common form of electric vehiclesAre considered 6 volts. Such cars are small in size and can be given to children 2 years old (or older). The speed of such a car is no more than 4 km / h, so it is safe enough for small children. The maximum permissible passenger weight is 15-40 kg, no more.

The middle link is 12 voltElectromobiles. Such cars will suit children up to 8 years old. The maximum passenger weight is 60 kg. The speed of such an electric vehicle is not more than 7 km / h. In addition, electric vehicles of this class are capable of overcoming certain obstacles, they can travel on rough terrain. Single and double models are available.

The most powerful children's electric car are 24Volt. This class of electric vehicles is spacious enough, passable and high-speed. The maximum passenger weight is 70 kg and it is intended for children up to 10 years. Such children's battery cars resemble real transport. This class of electric vehicles is equipped with a gear box, seat belts. The speed of such an electric vehicle is not more than 12 km / h. In addition, the car is equipped with "adult" accessories - rear-view mirrors, shock absorbers. Brakes, headlights, opening hood. A child who will ride in such a car, will feel that he is a real driver. And adults can not interfere in the form of the game to talk about the most important rules of the road, to teach yourself how to behave on the road.

About an electric car, almost everyone dreamsBoys, especially those who love cars. In addition, the boy on the electric car in the yard acquires a certain status among peers, which plays an important role. Therefore, if your child loves cars and you have the opportunity to purchase an electric car, then make the child a gift and he will be happy.

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