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Acute appendicitis in children

The first symptom of this disease isOccurrence in the child of a dull sudden pain in the navel or in the upper half of the abdomen. This pain does not have a clear localization. After a certain time, the pain can move to the right iliac region, which indicates that the inflammation has increased and captures all layers of the wall of the appendix.

Depends on the location of pain from how it is locatedOutgrowth. When the position of this process is high, pain can be felt in the region of the right hypochondrium. At its typical position, the child feels pain in the iliac region, with a retrocostal position - in the lumbar region or side of the abdomen, at the pelvic position the pain is localized above the pubis.

At the beginning of this disease the language of the childMoist, quite often there is a white coating, gradually dry mouth appears. Also in children, often acute appendicitis is accompanied by vomiting. In some cases, if the appendix is ​​located next to the rectum or between the loops of the small intestine, and inflammation affects the intestinal wall, the baby may have diarrhea. The child's body temperature increases significantly.

In young children, acute appendicitisDevelops rapidly and has its own specific features. This rapid development of the inflammatory process and its progression in the process, the prevalence of common symptoms over local, the absence of process delimitation, the immediate development of peritonitis.

Disease begins with a child's anxiety, hisRefusal of food. The body temperature reaches 38-40 degrees. The child becomes inactive. Local symptoms of the disease are difficult to detect in young children, because of their anxiety the abdominal wall is actively straining. You can identify acute appendicitis during the sleep of the child, sometimes medicamentous.

How children are diagnosed with acute appendicitis

Without a doubt, acute appendicitis is diagnosedIt is easier when a child can explain where it hurts, it is more difficult if the baby can not talk yet. In order to recognize acute appendicitis in a child, the following actions are performed. It should be placed on the back or on the right side. When you change the position of the body, when you cough and laugh, there are sharp pain intensifications. This can be recognized by the reaction of the baby. After that, the stomach is examined. When he is examined during breathing, a lag in the lower right quadrant of the abdominal wall may be observed. With palpation, muscle tension and severe pain in the right ileal region are found. The child's pain is worse when placed on the left side, especially if you feel your belly with your fingers. Also, pain can be exacerbated by raising the right leg of the baby. These symptoms should be checked very carefully, so as not to cause a rupture of the process.

In such cases, it is not difficult to determine the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. But sometimes complicate the diagnosis of appendicitis in children of the features of the course of the inflammatory process.

What parents need to know

When the first symptoms of acuteAppendicitis baby should be put in bed and immediately call an ambulance. You can not put a heating pad on the baby's tummy - it increases the process of inflammation, which can be dangerous. Do not give the baby medicine, because their action can change the clinical picture and the diagnosis will be very difficult to put. You can not feed a child and drink, as, most likely, you will need an operation. Treatment of acute appendicitis is only prompt. If the child has signs of acute appendicitis, call an ambulance, and as soon as possible.

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