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Children's educational games for children from year


This children's educational game for children from the yearQuite simple and understandable for the baby. The essence of the game is that you need to close your face with the palms of your hands and open, while saying "ku-ku." Starting from the year, the child begins to understand that behind his closed hands is his mother. This game will help the kid feel comfortable in the world when he begins to realize that his mother will always return, even if she "left".

After the kid realizes that his mother hid, he can begin to show his childish ambitions and try to "find" his mother with his hands open in search of a face.


For example, your baby says a variety ofSounds "la", "ba" and so on. Your goal is to try to imitate these sounds. This will certainly help your child to get a foundation for communication skills.


Start dancing around the baby. You can take his hands and start dancing with him. Children's psychologists are unanimously confident that dancing and music can accelerate the development of the child. Also, such games for children bring them not only a lot of pleasures, but also help develop physically, and awaken their emotions.

"Finding a lost toy"

Funny feature of children from the year is,That the child has his own special idea about the subject: the kid begins to remember the object that you just hid from it. Up to this point, the removed object does not cease to exist for him. How is this ability formed?

If you put the toy under the film, the child will not look for it. You should try the following.

Give the baby to look at how you put the object under one of the films that is in front of him. The child will begin to study them, trying to understand under which of them is a toy.

Finally the baby will find what he was looking for. Repeat this process for several times, putting the toy under the same film, then hide it under the other, only to do it stands before the eyes of the child. Periodically playing with the baby, you will help him develop logical thinking, because such developing games contribute to this.

"Hide and Seek"

The development of the ability to remember the place where your child saw you makes games of this kind the most loved.

Hide behind the sofa, and after a while you will look out from there and call the child. The child can begin to imitate you, hiding and periodically looking out.

You can complicate the game by hiding and calling the baby. He will certainly start looking for you, based on where your voice came from. As often as possible, remind yourself, trying to keep interest in the search.

A game that helps to distinguish colors

Include colored cubes and rings in the child's game, building houses with it, periodically asking the child to give you a cube of a certain color.

Initially, include in the game contrasting colors, and then go to the closer in color.

Here I want to add that all developing games for the child, starting from the year, acquire a reflective character.

At the end of the second year, you can let the child play with sand, prepare "food" from sand and water, etc.

Games of the child with toys should be morePlot. For example, now a doll a child can not only lay down to sleep, feed and change clothes, but also to take out for a walk. But toys animals begin to "miaow", "growl" and even speak humanly.

On a walk with a child, you can also applyGames that contribute to its development. For example, give the child a wand and ask him to draw a variety of figures on the ground, as he presents them. The same game can be done at home, giving the kid a sheet of paper pencil. By the way, this game helps to develop artistic taste and creativity!

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