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What vaccinations do in 3 months

What vaccinations do in 3 months

With rare exception, babies are well toleratedVaccination against tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough. Sometimes a child after a vaccination will be capricious, he may have some kind of indisposition, the temperature may rise. Do not be afraid of them. These symptoms are no more than five days, do not require treatment and pass by themselves.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention that afterInoculations of a child's health may worsen after any infection. Doctors advise that in any case, when the condition of the baby worsens after vaccination, it is urgent to call a doctor.

Some statistics

According to official data in the countryThe incidence of whooping cough decreased by 90%, now practically children do not suffer from diphtheria, it is extremely rare that tetanus is found. All this was due to the fact that they were doing a combined vaccine. Together with vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis at 3 months make the first inoculation against a dangerous infectious disease such as polio, it causes paralysis of the extremities, affects the peripheral nerves and spinal cord.

In order to prevent poliomyelitis in the first yearThe life of a child is given a vaccine three times, with a break of one and a half months, and in terms of time it coincides completely with vaccination against tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough. Do not vaccinate a child who was recently ill or in contact with an infectious patient, in which case it is necessary to inform the pediatrician about it. The doctor will decide when and at what time it is better to instill the baby so that the vaccine does not damage the child's health and was the most effective.

After the vaccination, the child should be supervised to ensure thatHe observed the diet, did not overcool, did not overheat. And you need after vaccination for 6 weeks to protect the child from disease, they can have a bad effect on the development of immunity. Therefore, it is necessary to exclude the baby's contacts with viral, respiratory patients and other infectious diseases. If children after the first vaccination feel unimportant, then the parents do not continue inoculation prophylaxis. These actions will harm the health of the child, and there are also his very life.

It happens that the vaccinated child, when in contact withSick child will become ill. But it happens, when the organism of the child is weakened after some transferred disease. But thanks to vaccination, antibodies are produced, they help him get rid of an infectious disease and help avoid serious complications.

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