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How to dress a child in the fall

How to dress a baby in the autumn period

For a young child, clothes for autumn should bePick very carefully. The baby in it should be, first of all, comfortable, not hot and not cold. To determine that the child is cold, it is enough just to touch his spout. In the case when the baby is cold, the nozzle will be cold. Also, if the baby is cold, then he can hiccup and his skin will become pale. At all, you should not wrap up your child, putting on a lot of warm clothes. If the child feels comfortable, his nose will be warm, but not hot - in this case it is hot. Before going to the street, the child should be fed, because calories contribute to the preservation of heat. This must also be taken into account when putting on crumbs for a walk.

If the baby is a newborn, you need to know thatThe ability of the body to thermoregulation in the first months after birth in the baby is not yet fully formed. So far, the sweat glands do not cope with their functions. This especially applies to babies who were born before the due date, premature babies, with a small body weight. But "wrap" the crumb is not worth it, because sweating baby can easily catch a cold.

To dress a baby for autumn walks, you shouldBe aware that clothing should be made from natural fabrics such as bike, flannel, cotton, etc. It should be elastic and easy to let in air. In addition, the clothes should be free, so that the child can move freely in her legs and arms. To avoid irritation on the skin of the baby, the seams on the clothes should be on the outside. For an autumn walk, if the temperature is about 10 degrees, the next set is ideal. It is a cotton thin underwear, a cotton suit, knitted panties and a blouse. Socks are simple, insulated from above, also two caps, simple and insulated. And finally, it's a blanket to wrap up your child or overalls. It is necessary to provide and that moment, if it rains, do not allow the child to get wet. If the child is tightly wrapped, then, consequently, he can not move his legs and arms. In this case, the baby will freeze more quickly, so it should be warmer.

How to dress in the fall of a baby who already walks alone

It is necessary, first of all, to take care ofShoes. Kids from half a year already feel confident on the legs on any surface. In autumn, there are puddles, heaps with leaves and passing them to the child, of course, is not easy. Therefore, small travelers without rubber boots can not do without. In autumn the air temperature gradually decreases, so it's good for a child to buy boots with a felt or fleece inner lining.

It should be purchased for the child waterproofClothes. This clothing is easily cleaned, dries quickly. Waterproof clothes should be worn over a normal jacket and pants. Also there are special waterproof gloves that protect children's handles from dirt. Such clothes are simply irreplaceable, since the kid constantly explores everything on the street and dirty puddles are not a barrier to him. Also a child in the early autumn period needs a windbreaker, because there are still warm days. When buying a jacket, it is recommended to read the label, since the windbreakers can be different. They can be designed for protection from the wind and can have a water repellent effect.

Cloth for clothes intended for autumnPeriod, can have a number of properties. Waterproof clothes are made of rubberized fabric, which prevents the skin from breathing. Membrane tissue is not only waterproof, but also removes moisture from the body and, baby, sweating, simply will not feel moisture. Membrane tissue also varies - waterproof and water repellent. Waterproof fabric in the rainy season is good to use, and waterproof in case the baby wants to sit on wet ground.

In any case, how would you not want yourBaby wear for autumn walks, you need to take into account the fact that the child is constantly in motion, he will never sit in one place. Do not dress it too warm, also provide that he was not and it is cold. When the baby is hot, it sweats, and this increases the risk of colds, as it concerns the child's hypothermia. Check the nose of your baby.

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