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A child does not speak a year

What, in fact, do you mean by the term"Talking"? Preconditions for the development of speech in a child are born in the very first months of his life. First there is a "walk". With it, your baby begins to try to make sounds, trying in this way to test his speech apparatus and imitate the sounds of the speech of others. Basically it happens at moments of strong emotions, when a child sees one of the parents, enjoys walking or any other new impressions, wants to eat. Most of the time the walking is manifested at the age of about two months. After this begins the stage of babbling - in it the baby is already beginning to realize his speech and tries to reproduce speech of adults more accurately. The further development of the child's speech and the transition to the stage of a fully-fledged conscious conversation depends only on his environment, i.e. From mom, dad, nanny, other people. If you constantly talk with the baby, thus pushing him to a dialogue, then his development will go faster. Child development is considered normal if by the age of one to one and a half years he already has the simplest skills of controlled speech.

What is your child's gender? It is generally accepted that, in terms of the speed of development of speech skills, girls outstrip boys, albeit not much. For this reason, if you have a girl and by the end of her first year she does not have the simplest speech skills, then perhaps you should take the child to a doctor or psychologist. Boys often can not control their speech until the age of two. Of course, that each case is individual and in many respects depends both on the innate abilities of the baby, and on the actions of the people around him.

What temperament does the child have? It is often unreasonably early to sound the alarm of the parents of phlegmatic sluggish children, who really develop a little slower than their peers. However, it is worth considering that children with such a temperament learn everything thoroughly and when he speaks, his speech will be more correct and meaningful. Their parents should simply be patient, because with their rash actions they can frighten a child, forcing him to shut up in himself, which will really slow down his development.

If the answers to the questions clearly show you thatThere are any deviations in the development of the child, then, of course, you should not sit still on the spot. If your child does not speak at all, then the best choice is to take him to a specialist. In other cases, when development simply for some reason has stopped at a certain stage, you can try to cope with the problem yourself.

First of all - speak in the presence of the child asCan be more. Call clearly, loudly and clearly objects to which the baby is looking. If you are going somewhere with the child - tell him what you are doing, ask him, encourage him to dialogue by all means. For example, you can ask him by taking one toy in each hand: "Will you play with this toy (show at first) or with this (show on the second)?". To make a choice, the child will need to show the toy he liked and name it.

How can you actively encourage the child toTalk, rejoice at his words. Do not interrupt in any way it, let it experience from communication only joy. Do not imitate him and do not correct it explicitly, but try to clearly and clearly pronounce the words that he says incorrectly.

If a child reluctantly talks with you every year,Then it can be much more fun to enter into a dialogue with peers. Try to give the kid more opportunity. This will in any case contribute to the development of speech.

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