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Preventing early pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a problem of society

Successful strategies to prevent earlyPregnancy include programs to improve social development, responsible sexual behavior, and improve counseling and contraceptive supply.

Many of these strategies are implemented at the family and community level.

Preventive conversation, movies with participationRepresentatives of medicine play a key role in a confidential, calm discussion about reproductive health, responsible sexual behavior (including the use of condoms, the use of contraceptives). This dialogue should begin before the onset of sexual activity and continue throughout adolescence.

The decision on the prevention of teenage pregnancy worries both parents and doctors today.

Why in our time there are many cases of earlyPregnancy? There are various socio-economic reasons for the pregnancy of adolescent girls, and one of the main ones is that teenagers having sex do not think about the consequences and treat this question irresponsibly. Sexual relationships become the causes of pregnancy.

Adolescents should be aware of the consequences of early sex, control their impulses and learn to be sexually responsible young people.

Prevention strategies

Education can be one of the main weaponsPrevention of teenage pregnancy. In schools where sex education is provided, they can not only help adolescents understand the characteristics of sexual early life, but also its consequences. Many programs provide for abstinence from sexual intercourse in adolescence.

In most countries, programs are being developedPrevention, aimed at reducing the number of teenage pregnancies. These programs are aimed at improving the use of contraception and changing the behavior of schoolchildren associated with teenage pregnancy. Youth social development programs targeted social and psychological skills are necessary in order to avoid heightened risk in the behavior of young people, such as earlier initiation of sexual activity, to feel the support of the community and control by the parents.

Obstacle to early dating

Prevent sexual early communication and unwanted pregnancy can and should be a joint effort, with the participation of parents.

It is necessary to encourage friendship with peers, their commonWalks, going to the movies and theater. Involve your child in sports, let him invite a group of friends to his home to watch a movie or listen to music so that he can not be alone for a while.

Contraceptive counseling

Preventive maintenance of early pregnancy in many respectsDepends on the actions of health professionals who play a key role in using contraception. Success in this regard can have a profound effect on adolescent pregnancy: the incidence of pregnancy is 85 percent among young couples who have an active sex life for 1 year without using contraception.

Doctors urge everyone to participateYoung people in open discussions or confidential discussions on early sex. Consultations should include full medical information about the responsibility of sexual behavior. These active conversations should continue throughout adolescence.

Easy access to contraception can playA key role in the prevention of teenage pregnancy. Today, various programs are in place to prevent teenage pregnancies, whose representatives give condoms to adolescents for free. Such actions help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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