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Baby and TV

Researchers impact on the development of the bodyTV broadcasts are recommended to provide the child with a separate room for watching TV, while watching TV should not overlap with the time that was allocated for communication.

Most psychologists, teachers, doctorsRecommend "communication" of an infant and children older with a TV set to zero, but it is better to take the child by the exercises necessary for the upbringing and development of a mature person: it can be household chores, games, joint walks, reading, singing, handicrafts (any accessible palette Great and small cases of children's creativity).


Every TV produces radioactiveRadiation, to which the youngest children and adolescents are most susceptible, who, without this radiation, are susceptible to various kinds of diseases, that is why the kids need to be especially isolated from the TV.

German psychologist, talking about research,Confirmed that the television radiation is detrimental to the living organism - small birds, small aquarium fish, mice that are not far from the TV, die quickly enough. The peculiarity of the sound that comes from the TV, also affects the living organism.

Influence on vision

During the first 4 years in a child with naturalConditions, spatial and spatial vision and visual acuity develop. By this age, the child has not yet developed a fine motor that controls the eye muscles and which is necessary for purposeful scanning of the field of vision.

The speed of broadcasting for the human eye is disastrous, especially when it comes to a small child whose visual system is only being formed.

As shown by the experiments of psychologists and physicians, the human eye undergoes machine-gun fire of stationary, fixed light images while watching television programs.

What happens to a young child who still hasThere is not one year that is near with the TV turned on, and does not watch it? In this case, the child's eyes see rapidly changing frames, the eyes quickly get tired, as they do not have time to perceive and process the information received. The child does not sit in one place, he is constantly in motion, so we can not constantly monitor how far from the TV he is. Therefore, unlike adults who sit in front of the TV in one place, children receive more emissions.

Impact on the psyche

Child's psyche can be compared with a gentle, fragileAnd a beautiful flower. The size and weight of the brain of the newborn is about 25% of the adult brain. When the child turns a year the mass and size of his brain is equal to 50% of the adult, and 75% of the adult is already on the 2nd year of life.

After birth in the first months of the childMotor and sensory areas of the brain develop fairly quickly. And if at an early age the child did not do much active activities, then there is a possibility that some neural connections were not formed and the brain volume in this case will remain 25% less.

Today's television world offers a large number of exciting and vivid impressions to a person, settling in the subconscious, both adult and child's organism.

Today, TV screens do not drain soapOperas, pop music, horror films, TV series about bandits, talk shows, love movies. If we talk about the adult, then he can and can filter what is happening, nevertheless, his subconscious is exposed to the influence of commercials, images of movies. At the child, occurring on a television screen settles deep in the subconscious, because he does not yet know how to filter what is happening.

It is also not recommended that the baby sleep with the TV turned on.

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