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How to arrange a child in a kindergarten

The problem of the queue in the kindergarten has been relevant for quite a long time, because since the birth of the baby it's worth to become a queue to "book" a place in the garden.

Turn in the kindergarten

On the territory of Russia there are no schemes yet,According to which the child is put on the queue in the preschool. But recently in Moscow have already established commissions, whose functions include the provision of kindergartens. It is they who have the right to issue permits. And in the province, parents still need to approach the head of the institution.

At the latest in five years the child is simply obliged to take to the garden, because it is at 5 years in the garden that the preparation of children for school begins.

Documents for the child's placement in the kindergarten

In order to send your baby in timeKindergarten, you must apply for admission (which is written by parents or guardians), birth certificate of the child, passport of the parent (guardian), the child's medical card (Form F26), documents that confirm the benefits (if they want a preferential place).

Benefits for admission to state children'sGardens are provided to children-twins, children from large families, children of single parents, disabled children of the first and second groups, children of mothers' pupils, children who are under guardianship, orphans, children of students, children of servicemen (in the place where the serviceman's family lives ), children of judges, prosecutors and investigators, the children of the unemployed, displaced persons and refugees, children of citizens who were evacuated from the exclusion zone and relocated from the evacuation zone, the children of citizens, injured in accident in Chernobyl, children of citizens, p The system of the education department of Moscow (both teachers and other workers), children, sisters and brothers who are already attending this garden, children of police officers (at the place of residence of the family), children who died as a result of professional activities of police officers or dead before the expiry of the year from the date of termination of employment due to injury or disease received during military service, children of police officers who have received during the performance PWA Denia, in consequence of which they can not go further service.

Medical card for kindergarten

Passage of medical examination is a prerequisite for a child who goes to kindergarten. A medical card determines whether a child should go to a regular kindergarten or a special preschool institution.

Getting a card is the process most oftenLong, because often specialists who need to examine the baby, work at different times, sometimes on different days. Therefore, in order to shorten the passage time of the commission, find out in advance the schedule of each doctor's work and plan their visit in such a way as to spend as little time as possible.

Pay special attention to the analysis - the resultsSome of them may be valid for a limited time. In many out-patient clinics, parents are advised to do the tests not earlier than two weeks before admission to kindergarten.

As a rule, the most optimal is to startPassing a commission with a pediatrician who will refer you to tests and to other specialists, then you should pass an ophthalmologist, a neurologist, an otolaryngologist, a surgeon, an orthopedist, and a dentist.

If medical card is required urgently, then from privateClinics there is a special paid service for getting a medical card for a kindergarten. In this clinic, you can examine the baby from all the necessary specialists for one or two days.

You should also talk with your child in advance.About his first visit to kindergarten, so that he was ready for this psychologically, since this is a very important issue that should not be postponed until the last.

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