/ / Interrelation of the work of speech therapist and parents

Interrelation of the work of speech therapist and parents

Forms of interrelation between the work of parents and speech therapist

Joint forms of work Parents and teachers can be of such kinds as holidays with a speech orientation, parental meetings and consulting activities.

Parent meetings are a productive speciesCommunication teacher-speech therapist and parents, tk. At meetings the speech therapist systematically brings to the attention of parents the tasks, methods and composition of correctional work with younger schoolchildren. Parental meetings provide an opportunity to acquaint parents on many issues that concern the development of speech in children, as well as connecting parents to proactive activities in correctional activities.

Consultative group events giveThe opportunity to familiarize parents in the theoretical and practical areas of corrective issues, education and upbringing of children. Consultations can involve physicians and psychologists. These activities should be designed in such a way as to interest parents in fruitful cooperation for solving the problems of the educational and developmental processes of their children.

At the end of the school year, a speech therapistSpeech holidays, showing the success of students. In preparation for these holidays, the music teacher is involved, and parents are also involved in active participation. Such holidays stimulate the development of communication among children, increase their level of self-esteem, the recurrence and memorization of the learned teaching material, and also enable parents to see the results of their activities and the effectiveness of the pedagogical process of the speech therapist to correct speech defects in schoolchildren.

Individual forms of work with parents: Interviews, questionnaires, consultations,The application of literature containing exercises, tasks for working at home and the use of logopedic diaries, and the presence of representative speech therapy classes.

An important place in the interaction of the family andPedagogue-logopedist takes questioning of the native child. The questionnaire provides an opportunity to collect information about the composition of the family, the effectiveness of the activities of parents in providing assistance in the development of children, as well as their mistakes.

The teacher brings to the attention of the parents the resultsAnd the content of the child's speech defect. At the same time, the parents' conversations with the teacher are effective. At the initial interview, the facts of the upbringing and maintenance of the child in the family, as well as the range of his interests and activities, are given. The teacher should take into account all aspects of the fears and complaints of the child's parents, their view and readiness to solve problems in the development of speech. Such interviews are important not only for the speech therapist, but also for the parents. The correct construction of the conversation and its atmosphere will influence cooperation in the future.

Consultations help in the search for answers to the meeting questions, acquire a package of recommendations that highlight the practical methods of teaching at home.

An important type of mutual activity of parents andThe speech therapist is a personal diary of a speech therapist. This diary is shared with parents. It is necessary for homework records, and the parent can add to it any question or doubt about the child's work.

A visual form of interaction with parents. To stimulate the activity of parents, theirEducation and practical help, the speech therapist has an introductory visual material on a special stand. This material can change its content more than once a year.

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