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How to wean your child off the TV

Why the child gets used to the TV

The fact that parents themselves are to blame for thisProblem. Many mothers and dads, when they come home from work, include this technique and practically do not turn it off at all until they go to bed. In such situations, it's no wonder that your child simply can not already without the TV on - it's also a normal and natural thing for him. Many parents even eat while watching various TV shows. In this case, there is no question of any prohibitions. After all, parents say that you can not watch TV constantly, and contradict themselves. Many argue that adults - it's quite another matter, but you need to know that children adopt everything that their parents do.

What you need to do

Try using some tipsSpecialists. First of all, try to evaluate your time realistically, which you spend watching TV. In order to do this, see how long your family does not turn off the TV during the day, note how much time your child remains in front of him. To do this, record in the notepad the start and end time of the transmission. But your child watches several times. Summarize all the time. Perhaps the result will surprise you. After all this, make the right conclusion and make a specific plan for watching TV. What TV programs you can watch a child need to determine in advance. The same should apply to the parents themselves, and do not give up on this plan, no matter how much you want it.

Equally important is the locationTV in the room. According to the results of the study of psychologists, children have a desire to watch TV most when it is located in the center of the room. So try to find a place for such a technique elsewhere. In addition, many do not turn off the TV even when they are engaged in any business and do not watch it. It is always necessary to turn off the television in such cases.

To disable the child from the TV, it is not necessaryTo do it abruptly - gradualness is needed and time is needed. To prohibit watching TV at one time or another, start small. For example, first forbid watching it while eating, gradually under any circumstances, etc. Gradually, your child will get used to certain rules, especially if the child is small. But do not forget that parents themselves must support the same rules.

Think up for your child differentInteresting activities. For example, build a tower of cubes together, draw a picture, read an interesting book, after discussing it, etc. It is also good to play with various children in various educational games. In addition, you can get old toys from the closet, which your child has already forgotten. New toys get bored quickly, and with old toys, your child will play with new interest. If the child is still small, you can learn with him numbers, letters. But this must be done gradually, every day one or two letters at a certain time of the day. The child will already know that this rule and at this time he already definitely will not have a desire to watch TV.

It is still good to take up your child, somehowBusiness. For example, ask him to help you clean the room, water the flowers, wash the dishes. Present such requests in such a way that he understands that without his help you simply can not cope. Children in such cases are simply extolled as a person, they understand that they are trusted, then, or otherwise, as an independent. They are very proud of this and will do any business with pleasure, especially if you praise them. Know to disconnect your child from the TV, you need to try hard and if you do everything correctly and gradually, the child will perceive the TV as a secondary object.

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