/ What to put on a kindergarten?

What to wear in a kindergarten?

Clothing and footwear for kindergarten

To walk

A few rules that will be useful to everyone. Most children get cold after going out. When the child is going to walk, he pulls tights, pants and sweaters, fastens his shoes, and puts on a scarf and hat, quickly and as it should. Someone dresses quickly, someone slowly. And while the child leaves the group, he is already wet. What you need to do to avoid this?


Ask the nanny to change her shirt to a child who sweats from the games. In the locker, the child should have a spare T-shirt.


Convenient turtlenecks, they cover the neck, and the scarf onThe walk can slip. It is necessary to teach the child to dress himself, to explain in what order to put on clothes. And wear a jacket already when everyone is dressed. In the kindergarten, bring a spare set of shoes and outerwear, suddenly the child will fall into a puddle and clothes will not dry.


Clothes need to buy one that you do not needWear warm pants and extra sweaters. The less clothes you have to wear, the less it will sweat. The jacket should have a detachable lining to regulate the warmth of the jacket. Sleeve should end with cuffs on elastic bands, there will not blow out snow and wind. At the bottom of the jacket or at the waist should be a kulisk. The collar should fit around the neck. On many jackets in hoods there is a kuliska.


Should be on the straps and cover the back. To prevent the pants from bending down, there must be a line. If they are not, you need to sew yourself, and do it from a wide gum. An important requirement - pants should be waterproof.

Footwear It should be easy to fasten and not be sliding andNot getting wet. Conveniently, if the "tongue" is provided with limiters, they do not allow to get inside snow and water. Laces provide with locks, the child will not tie the bows and during the walks the laces will not untie.

A cap

It is better to buy not blown, tight caps. They should have ties or better Velcro, tightly cover their ears. No 2 caps. They should not stick out or slip on one ear.


A convenient option will be a pelerine, only gradually it will stretch and not close your neck, you need to follow it.


For the garden you need waterproof comfortable with an elongated funnel. The child will not have to walk with wet hands and snow does not clog in them.

Playing in a group

In different gardens different requirements. It is better to buy a lot of clothes. If the child goes to the pot, then there is a chance that the pants will be wet. He may not use the pot or in time will not find the toilet, afraid to tell the tutor. T-shirts or blouses to take less, but there should be a warm blouse, with a clasp in the front, let it lie in the locker. Additional things you need on Friday to pick up and wash. Clothing should be buttoned, unfastened, there should be no beads on it that can be swallowed. Physical education needs Czechs and sandals. The clothes must be signed in order not to confuse it. In the locker there should be a pack of paper handkerchiefs.

Take advantage of these tips and you can collect the necessary clothes and shoes for the kindergarten.

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