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Favorite children's toy

Favorite toy for the child

Favorite children's toy is very important in lifeChild. Any toy can become a favorite, be it a teddy bear, a doll, or a railway. As a favorite toy can also be, for example, a piece of fur, which is so similar to a hedgehog and which is convenient to carry around with everywhere, putting in his bosom. Or go to bed and know that you are not alone, which is especially important for kids who are afraid to sleep alone. The main thing that the child was happy about her, talked to her, showed his imagination. If you go back several centuries ago, at a time when there were no toys, you can see that then the toys were made from improvised tools: they were cut out of wood, made of straw, old rags. But they were always loved and even inherited.

The role of toys in the life of a child

Toys for the child is not a trifle, but very importantPart in its development, the formation of character traits. Since the birth of a child's toy helps a kid to know the world. After all, it's not just for you pediatricians recommended hanging rattles and mobile on the crib. Bright colors and a variety of shapes help shape visual memory and touch. And the brighter the paint, the better. After some time, the coordination of movements occurs, when the child, stretching his hands, tries to catch the object he likes. Crawling behind the ball develops internal organs, helps in the correct formation of the spine. At an older age, fantasy begins to develop, especially when there is a role-playing game.

Favorite toy as a messenger of problems

Children's toy - an excellent opportunity to learn betterYour child. Any abnormal relationship on the part of the child to the toys is a cause for concern. So, noticing the aggression - beeping. Gently talk to the baby and find out what's bothering him. The earlier you sort out the problem, the healthier the child's psyche will be.

If, coming from the kindergarten and planting hares withMouse on the sofa, the child begins to "teach" them and educate them with excessive severity or assault, then this is a reason to question the professionalism of the caregiver or to follow the relationship of the child with peers.

Excessive aggressiveness, accompanied by breakingToys, whipping it against the wall - most likely the child is jealous of you for the second child. At this age, childhood jealousy is very dangerous. If this problem can not be solved now, showing that you love children in the same way, then it will sweep through the years and give not very comforting fruits in the future.

Does the child like to draw? Take a closer look at the drawings. Completely evil heroes, monsters and other wickedness, as well as weapons - visit a child psychologist.

In a word, look at each toy and towards it. After all, the robot is also a child's toy, a toy that the boys love. But if he is the embodiment of good, the protector of the universe, then there is nothing to worry about.

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