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Children's educational toys from 1 year to 3 years

For the development of the baby it is necessary to acquireAll sorts toy. Such as nesting dolls, sets for playing in the sandbox, pyramids, hoops, tops, balls, etc. All of them will help to expand the idea of ​​the kids about the form, features, size of objects.

Toys for children from year

So, your child is one year old. He begins to walk well already, he can already take the items himself, which he needs. With pleasure fulfills the requests and assignments of adults (take the spoon to the kitchen, give the doll). And he does it all with great enthusiasm, responsibility and enthusiasm. However, the baby does not walk quite confidently every year, it is easier for him to run, because the sense of balance and coordination of movements is poorly developed. For this, toys are used.

Such toys can be an objectOr an animal that during the movement begins to come to life. "For example, a hare that plays a drum; A butterfly waving wings, etc. When your baby starts rolling a toy, the mechanism comes into play. Such toys are of two kinds - rear and front. The front rolls ahead of themselves. Rear wheelchairs are more difficult and more suitable for a 1.5-year-old child. He needs to take her by a rope or a stick and roll with him. So the child learns a new complex action. Wheelchairs encourage the baby to walk, which in the future makes it automatic. Such toys must be stable, the mechanism of their work properly.

Toys for 2 years

At this age, children begin to copyBehavior of adults, learn to handle household items (cups, spoons, brushes, combs, etc.). This requires certain actions that are difficult for the toddler to give. However, there are toys that will help them develop the ability to properly handle them. When he plays with them, he trains his hand, and at the same time speech, thinking, memory, attention. It can be toys such as spatulas for digging, sovochki; A set of baby dishes to feed the dolls; Various instruments, etc. While engaging in such toys, children learn how to use things correctly (by appointment).

Mastering these objects develops the movement of the hands, expands the horizon of the child. Adults need to help the child in organizing games. If something is not clear to the baby, show him, help, cheer.

Toys for children 3 years old

In three years the child's play activityBecomes creative. Now he pays attention not only to the property of game materials, but begins to reproduce life events in the game itself (put the doll to sleep, feed it, boil soup, etc.). The game is called procedural (its meaning in the process of action). However, one action of a child can go without any logical connection to another: he laid the doll, and then starts immediately feeding it and putting it back again, etc. Despite the chaotic actions, the game is important, it is necessary for the development of this creative game.

The game does not arise by itself, so you needHelp older children or parents who will teach the child the basics of an important lesson. Therefore, for the game to be complete, creative and developed, you must directly participate in it.

To properly organize the game, youYou need realistic toys: a cot, dolls, dolls, etc. But do not forget that toys should be in moderation so that the child can concentrate, so choose the most necessary and do not forget that the toy must be realistic or easily recognizable by the child .

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