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Inhalation for children with cough

Why inhalation

When inhaled, the medicine enters pointwise into theAffected area. In addition, the entire volume of the lungs and mucous nasopharynx instantly absorb microdoses of drugs. As a result, with a smaller volume of therapeutic preparations, the body is cured much faster than when taking tablets and potions. Another huge plus of inhalation for coughing is incomparably less side effects from overdose and prolonged treatment. The secret is that the drugs do not get into the bloodstream after inhalation.

To very small children medicinal inhalationCan be contraindicated. In this case, chemical preparations can be replaced with grape juice, essential oils, honey, herbal decoctions, potato and rice broth. If there is no inhaler, you can arrange the respiratory procedures right above the heated pot with these ingredients.

Inhalations can be carried out in a polyclinic in the placeResidence or in commercial medical institutions. There are enough professional doctors and suitable equipment. But what if the inhalation of children would be desirable at the first sign of a cough, without waiting for a rise in temperature and a trip to the doctors? In this case, domestic inhalations will help out.

Pros of home inhalation

The most convincing trump card is not to visitDoctor to go out in the dank weather. Coughing requires warmth. And after inhalation, especially in cold weather, you can not go out for 30-40 minutes.

An important component is the lack ofStress stimuli and home comfort. Children are not very fond of going to medical institutions, suspecting doctors that they will make a "naughty squirt." In addition, the clinic is visited more often by sick children, so the risk is high to catch an additional infection. But before you start home inhalation, you need to have some experience and consult with real doctors. Because improper inhalation can aggravate the disease or cause complications.

Contraindications for inhalations

Remember the basic safety requirement: If the child's body temperature has exceeded 7.5º - then any inhalation should be prohibited! Therefore, it is extremely important not to miss the first signs of cough and cold accordingly. Easier to warn than to heal! Contraindicated inhalation with frequent nasal bleeding, respiratory and cardiovascular insufficiency, allergies and individual intolerance of the drugs used.

Healing inhalation for children with a cold and cough

  • If the sputum is thick and the baby can notCough, help warm inhalation with alkaline mineral water (without gases!), Baking soda or grape juice. Proportion - per liter of water, four teaspoons of liquid or soda.
  • It can cope well with inflammation of the tonsils by inhalation with an aqueous solution of garlic or onion juice. The proportion is 10: 1.
  • With not passing cough and signs of infectionFighting inhalation with herbal collections of: juniper, fir, pine needles, oak leaves, birch, sage, black currant, mint, chamomile flowers, linden, eucalyptus oil. It is enough to make a spoonful of a mixture of several herbs in a glass of water.
  • When you cough and runny nose for inhalation, you canTo dissolve in water honey (proportions 5: 1). Then compote to warm up to steam, and to give the child to breathe a nose and a mouth alternately. Take care not to get burned by the ferry!
  • When coughing and wheezing, inhalations with peach and eucalyptus oil help. For 100 g of water, 7-10 drops of oil are enough.
  • After recovery, the effect of inhalations can be fixed sauna or Russian bathhouse, flavored with a scented broth from medicinal herbs.
  • Before applying these prescriptions, discuss in advance their advisability with the district pediatrician!
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