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How to instill a love of reading for a child

It is worth noting that often the most popular andWell-known films are shot according to books. For example, such favorite books as "The Lord of the Rings", "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer" are screened. However, no matter how well the film was shot, it will not replace the pleasure of reading the book.

In order for a child to instill a love of reading,Parents should love to read themselves. If neither Mom nor Dad reads, and while telling the child that this is necessary and useful, it is unlikely that the suggestion will at least somehow work. Hence we can conclude - the family should read everything.

If a child gets acquainted with books at school, inWhich reading is an obligatory process, it is unlikely that it will bring him pleasure if from a young age the child "did not become friends" with books. Therefore, it is important that the child's love of reading begins to be instilled from an early age. You can start with special soft books that contain simple pictures, and then move on to more complex books. If you pick up the book correctly and deal with the child all the time, then the kid will very quickly love reading.

As soon as the child has learned to read, it is not worth it to constantly pull back and correct for incorrectly pronounced words. Thus, the baby can be discouraged from reading for a long time.

The reading process should only bringpositive emotions. For example, the mother can simultaneously read and play with the child, clearly showing the contents of the book. If, for example, a fairy tale about a kolobok or turnip is read, then it is possible to offer the child to show all the characters and all the actions that are described in the book. A child with a mother can read a book by roles, then the child will feel like a real actor. Also, as an option, parents can read a fairy tale for the child at night.

You can also reward the child for reading. If a child reads a given amount of text, he will be able to obtain any privileges agreed in advance. Thus, you can greatly increase the motivation to read books.

You can not force to read the book that does notLike the child. Therefore, with an adult child books can be bought together. It is necessary to make the trip to the bookstore a pleasant and long-awaited event. Very often parents of school-aged children are afraid that children, if they choose books themselves, take the wrong book and therefore insist on books that they choose themselves. Perhaps, it is necessary to compromise: the child will choose one book at his discretion, and the second will be read at the choice of the parents.

The child should have a desire to read -Forcibly love of reading will not be inculcated. Mom must find a way to enthrall the child with reading, and not make him read. Parents of children, whose children can read but do not want, use the following method. Mom or grandmother reads the book to the child, and when it comes to the most interesting place - stops, saying that she has a lot of urgent matters. The baby has no choice, if the child really wants to know what will happen next, he needs to finish reading the book himself.

There is another method of motivating the child toTo reading - a method of the children's psychologist Iskra Daunis. One day the child wakes up and notices under the pillow a letter from the fairy-tale hero, in which he tells the child that he wants to be friends with him and that he has a gift for him. The kid runs to look for a gift and finds it. The next morning the child will again discover under the pillow a letter in which the hero informs that he wanted to leave his friend tickets for the zoo, but saw that he did not behave very well. Therefore, the trip to the zoo is postponed. Every day letters should be longer, and they will be read faster. The child will be happy to read the letters, because this process is associated with something exciting and interesting.

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