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What to give the child to school for breakfast

What should I give my child to school for breakfast?

In addition, that the child takes homeBreakfast, he must have breakfast at home. Breakfast should not be plentiful. It should include: cottage cheese, porridge, boiled egg with milk, tea or coffee drink with sandwiches. But you will be sure if your child eats, then he will not feel hungry at the end of the first lesson.

It is very important for a growing child's organismbalanced diet. Of course, you can not give the child some special delicacies, but this is not necessary. Breakfast at school should be hot and hearty. It is better to give the child pita with vegetables, cheese or meat, pies, sandwiches, hot drink (cocoa or tea) in a thermos.

For the convenience of breakfast put in plasticContainer or food film so that it does not stain the knapsack or briefcase and does not lose its shape. To the child did not refuse to carry a thermos and a container with breakfast, go together with the child and buy them, the child himself will choose. You do not need to go to the store, you can visit the online store and choose what the child likes. He, of course, will be glad that he is treated like an adult and he will willingly take a thermos and a container to school.

Do not give the child sweets. He will not eat pies or sandwiches; he will simply eat his appetite with a sweet bar. It is advisable not to give such products that are eaten with a spoon, because the baby can get dirty, or drop the spoon on the floor, you can not control it.

If you give money for lunch, you shouldCheck whether he spends money on the destination. And do it unobtrusively, find out the menu in the dining room and as if in passing ask your child what he bought. Perhaps he spends money on computer games and at the same time walks hungry all day.

There is no need to demand much from the school canteen. But at home the child should receive a full set of trace elements and minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, get a balanced diet, all this is necessary for good development and for the growth of the child. A balanced diet should include dairy products, whole grain bread, fish, low-fat poultry and meat, plenty of fruits and vegetables. A confectionery and sweets are better to exclude or limit.

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