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Reasons for refusing to eat infants

The child does not want to eat or can not?

This is the first question that needs to be addressed.To understand before you look for the reason for refusing children to eat. Unwillingness is and the inability to eat - completely different situations and the reasons for refusing to eat also significantly differ.

A baby child refuses to eat, because he does not want to eat.

Children can refuse to eat due to lack of appetite. And the appetite may be absent:

  • Because of illness - this situation is not easy for parents psychologically, but in general it is clear that this is temporary and will take place in the process of recovery of the baby.
  • Because of the individual characteristics of the metabolism (someone eats a lot, and someone is small and it is quite enough).

The child refuses to eat due to the fact that he can not eat.

If an infant with his behaviorDemonstrates a desire to eat, greedily suffers a mother's breast, but immediately begins to worry, to be capricious, refuses to eat, this can happen for the following reasons:

  • Problems with the arrival of food - "tight" breasts, a flat nipple, a small hole in the nipple,
  • Physical characteristics of food - too hot or cold,
  • Cause in the taste of food - the nursing mother deviated from the diet,
  • Problems in the oral cavity of the child (sucking or swallowing causes pain) - this cause can be caused by thrush, stomatitis, gum disease with teething, tonsillitis, pharyngitis,
  • Problems with breathing - if the baby has a stuffy nose, then during the sucking there is a tangible discomfort, since the baby can not breathe through the mouth,
  • Problems with the intestines - in infantsOften enough after the beginning of sucking, the peristalsis of the intestine is intensified. If the child has increased gas formation, a tendency to constipation, inflammation, such a contractility of the intestine can cause pain in the abdomen.

Parents can not always independentlyTo determine the cause, because of which their baby can not eat, but to distinguish the reluctance to eat from the impossibility is not at all difficult. If the child wants to eat, but can not - this is an important reason to seek medical help.

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