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Attacks of anger in children

The first attack of anger in children can occur inAge from two to five years. It manifests itself in bites, rude behavior, threats. Also the kid can break toys of other children, scoff at peers. Attacks of anger begin because the kid with someone is in conflict, feels that someone is encroaching on his world. Childish anger has a very fast foci of inflammation. The child is literally in a few seconds, begins to scream, get angry and calm it becomes very difficult. Almost all parents in such a situation begin to simply slap the child. In fact, the choice of such a method of resolving the situation is absolutely wrong. If a child starts outbreaks of anger, he should not be punished by force, in any case, and even more so by showing irritation and anger. On the contrary, in such situations it is necessary to learn how to demonstrate an example of self-control and suppression of negative reactions.

Understand and explain

So, how to behave to parents duringOutbreaks of anger in children? First, you must stay calm. The fact that children's anger very quickly passes and the kids begin to behave as before. They just need to discharge, and anger helps them in this. Therefore, by the time the baby calms down, parents should also be calm. Instead of shouting at the child, you need to talk to him and calm him down. A mother or father should behave in an understandable manner, and not abuse the child for his reaction to a particular event. You can say something like: "I understand how you were angry, then what ...". Let the kid see in his mom and dad are not enemies, but allies. After you notice that the child begins to calm down, try to switch his attention and help calm down. Some children take up painting, someone can just pick up. If your kid asks to leave him alone or wants to beat the ball, you should not forbid it. A child, like an adult, needs to release negative emotions, otherwise he will feel depressed.

Children should always discuss their seizuresAnger, causes and consequences. Even a child who is only three years old can understand you if he can explain everything. It is worth considering the cause of an attack of anger, the behavior of the baby, and then ask whether it helped him solve the problem. Naturally, this behavior often does not solve the problem, but only aggravates it. If the child with your help realizes this, next time he will already try to control himself.

Learn the Self-Control

We all know that it's impossible to save a person,Even if it is small, absolutely all irritants. That's why he needs to learn how to control himself. In order to suppress attacks of anger, teach your child some ways of complacency. For example, he can loudly say that he is angry, until he realizes that he calms down. Or turn everything into a fairy tale. Tell us that there are evil invisible wizards around the world who can touch a person and settle in it. From this, he turns into an evil and touchy. If the kid notices that he becomes so, then this wicked wizard wants to seize power over him. Therefore, we must not succumb to the magic rage and fight it to remain kind. Thanks to such simple techniques, you can teach the child to control himself, not to shout and not to swear at any occasion.

Remember that communication with other children,Who can see the cruelty of the house or on television, make children become angry and evil initially to protect themselves. And over time, it goes into the usual pattern of behavior. Therefore, if you see that the child is becoming too aggressive, constantly try to explain to him how to express emotions, but do not offend others.

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