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How to treat a child's sore throat

How to knock down heat?

Usually the highest temperature is innight time. If this happened to your child, do not panic. To 38.5 ° C it is not recommended to bring down the temperature, if this threshold is exceeded, it is necessary to give the child an antipyretic syrup (Panadol, Nurofen, Efferalgan, etc.), or to put a candle.

When you feel the heat of a child (it "burns"), you needGive the child a drink. You can drink a child with a spoon, distracting attention, telling tales. To water it is necessary even in spite of the fact that the kid does not want it. It is important not to dehydrate the body

How to treat angina

It should be remembered that you can not treat anginaIndependently, resorting to folk recipes. Obligatory consultation of the pediatrician, delivery of some important tests, such as smears from the nose, tonsils, urine and blood tests to eliminate dangerous infections.

Child angina, especially taking place in severeForm, without antibiotics can not be cured. Refusal of antibacterial therapy is fraught with dangerous consequences for the kidneys, heart and liver. Modern antibacterial drugs do not have unpleasant taste and are produced in various forms: capsules, tablets. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the doctor writes exactly the pill, because someone has to do the injections, either it is necessary to hospitalize the child, or to connect relatives with medical education. The injections of the children are very painful, which also speaks in favor of the tablet preparations.

The doctor assesses the severity of the disease, appointsTaking antibiotics from 5 to 7 days, in special cases more often. As a rule, on the 3-4th day of taking the medicine, the high temperature drops, the well-being improves. The disadvantage of antibiotics is an unpleasant consequence - a violation of the body's flora, so simultaneously with them or immediately after the completion of the course of treatment should take drugs that restore flora of the intestine (Lineks). To avoid allergic reactions, the doctor can add suprastin or tavegil.

Angina is often accompanied by a common cold. Treat it with different drops. Alternatively, use this recipe: drops of aqua-maris - rhinoflumycil, after 5 minutes. - aqua-maris - isofra. Repeat 3 r. in a day.

Swallow sprinkle with sprays (Tantum Verde, Geksoral). The first is specially designed for children up to the age of six, has a pleasant taste. Starting from two years, a rinse is shown, which should be turned into a ritual. You can gargle with your child, each time to praise the baby. Rinse can be done as often as you like, even after half an hour. Recommend to rinse broths of herbs of sage, chamomile, eucalyptus. Apply potassium permanganate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, perikis hydrogen, furatsilin. Dangers of liquids do not represent if the child accidentally swallows them.

It is necessary to drink a lot of the child duringAngina, giving preference to an acidic warm drink. Hot is excluded. Morse from cranberries, cranberries, black currants, decoctions of viburnum and dogrose, various vegetable and fruit juices, which contain a lot of vitamins of group B and vitamin C. It is advisable to drink milk, adding soda, butter, mineral water, as well as warm vegetable, meat , Fish broth. To eat a child usually refuses during illness, it is not necessary to insist on food intake, to force the child to eat without appetite.

The last thing you need to provide a baby with angina- bed rest, especially in the first, hard days of the disease. It is difficult to put an active child into bed for a whole day even during a serious illness, you can play with him in the crib, watch cartoons, read books, which requires constant attention from the parents, extra strength and patience.

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