/ Can children have red caviar?

Can children have red caviar?

Knowing about the nutritional value of caviar and as one of the ways to raise hemoglobin, moms often ask the question "Can children get red caviar" and how often to give it to a child.

How many mothers, so many opinions. Some give eggs to children from the age of ten months and can not look at the child, and some after such a delicacy lie in the intensive care unit. According to the recommendations of doctors, red caviar should be given very carefully.

Yes, caviar is rich in proteins and has a large foodvalue. The protein content of caviar is approximately one third of proteins and contains about 15% of easily digestible fats, which contain many polyunsaturated acids. Also, the caviar contains lecithin (almost half), rich in phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine, zinc, etc., vitamins B, E, A, D. But nevertheless, the caviar contains a lot of salt. Approximately 4-10%, and up to 14% of cholesterol. Also, depending on the country of production, caviar may contain urotropin, a preservative that, when ingested, breaks up with the formation of formaldehyde venom. Therefore, red caviar should be given to children with extreme caution. Another caveat: caviar is an allergenic product and treating the child to a delicacy, be sure to take it into account. It is advisable to tolerate and postpone such delicious food until the age of 3 years. Then you can offer children up to 15 grams per day, but not more than 2 times a week and with good tolerability.

Do not risk the health of your children. The eggs you always have time to give, the health of the child is much more important. Yes, of course, for children who have very low hemoglobin - caviar is very useful. But now the pharmaceutical industry is very developed and offers to our court a lot of drugs to raise hemoglobin in the blood. A trip to the hematologist will help to choose the right drug.

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