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The child does not eat in kindergarten

The reasons for the child's refusal to eat in kindergarten

The main reason is that the baby is going through a greatStress because of the beginning of the visit to the kindergarten, that is why he categorically refuses to eat. In this situation, in any case, to lean on the question of eating and to force to eat a child can not. In this situation, only time can help change the situation. In a couple of weeks, as practice shows, the baby will get used to a new team and will eagerly eat with all the children.

Most often the food in the garden is very differentFrom a home diet, so a child unfamiliar to him dishes can simply be afraid to eat. In this case it is necessary in advance, a few months before the beginning of the visit to the kindergarten, parents start at home to prepare dishes similar to those that will be served in the garden. If mothers always cook such meals at home, then the child usually does not have problems when visiting a kindergarten with food problems. But if a child is accustomed to eating delicious dishes, products from "jars and packs", then problems can not be avoided for sure.

Another common problem with refusing to eatA child in a kindergarten - this inability to eat a spoon yourself. If such a skill is not yet mastered by the toddler, he simply will not eat in the garden. The teacher sometimes does not have time to pay attention in the process of feeding to all the children and the baby remains hungry. Therefore, to avoid such problems, it is necessary to teach your child in advance to eat with a spoon.

But sometimes it happens that the child does not eat because of the fact,That he and his food intake had their own associations. For example, at home mom in the process of eating, constantly brings up her child at the table (reproaches slowness, inaccuracy, clumsiness, etc.). Therefore, the process in the kindergarten of a child's food intake is simply "hard". In this case, educators should find a kind approach to the baby.

What to do if the child refuses to eat in the kindergarten

If the child at first does not eat in the nurseryGarden, then do not force it or abuse it at all, so that the child does not have to overcome fear or prohibition. Gradually, when he gets accustomed to the new environment, he will start eating. Ask the teacher to put your child at the table with children who eat fast and well. Maybe the child will look at them and will also try to eat, because children repeat each other after another. In case your baby starts eating something in the kindergarten, then be sure to praise him for it.

Parents should teach their child withRespect for those who tried to cook with love this or that dish. To explain to him that refusing to eat means to disrespect people. And if you eat at least a little food - then express their gratitude. Ask the kid to help you in preparing a dish, and then be sure to praise him for it. A good upbringing in this case simply will not allow your child to abandon the proposed food in the kindergarten.

A pleasant procedure should be a meal, but notIt is worth to go too far. The meal should not turn into a "show" when the child is entertained. For example, use various tricks with products and spoons, airplanes, act out before him skits, etc. You need to know that the kindergarten teacher will not do this, because there are a lot of kids in the group. If a child is accustomed to such a meal, it's no wonder that he does not want to eat in the kindergarten. It is also not worthwhile to organize competitions in the arts at home. This you only harm your child, because the food in the kindergarten is unlikely to please the child, since he simply was not used to it.

Well, if you have a brother or sister- Children always eat better when there are many people at the table. If there are no other children, they can be replaced with large toys so that the child knows how to eat in the garden. Also explain to the baby how to eat, so as not to disturb others at the table.

The child will eat in kindergarten without problems,If he is sufficiently well prepared to attend a kindergarten. If parents give time to this preparation, then problems with eating food in the garden should not arise.

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