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How to make inhalation for children correctly

In general, inhalation is the introduction of specialDrugs in the respiratory tract. Thus you can get rid of a cough and a cold. In addition, such a procedure is performed with angina, asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. The advantage of inhalation is that the drugs fall into the respiratory tract, while not entering the bloodstream and not affecting other organs.

Inhalation of children

For the procedure, you can useA special inhaler, and you can and improvised means, for example, a teapot. But no matter what inhalations are done, the first thing to do is to explain to the child why this procedure should be done. It is important that a small child is not afraid of inhalation, otherwise the effect of it will not be. To explain, you can demonstrate the process by commenting on each action.

For inhalation with a kettle,It is necessary to pour water into it (temperature 30-40 degrees) and add a little herbal decoction, for example, chamomile or marigold. In the tip of the kettle insert a cardboard funnel and put the child in front of the kettle, give a breath through it in pairs. If the child is very small, then the funnel should be made more authentic.

It should be remembered that you can not make hotInhalation, if the child's body temperature is higher than normal (this applies to infants and children a little older). This is due to the fact that inhalation refers to the heating procedures.

It is best, of course, for such purposes to haveSpecial device - nebulizer. This significantly saves time and energy, because with its help making inhalation for children is much easier and more convenient. Inhalers are different, but the principle of their work is almost identical. The reservoir is filled with a drug, which then turns into an aerosol. The mask of the device is applied to the child's face so that the baby's nose and mouth fall under it. Thus, the child will inhale the medicine, which will have a curative effect on the respiratory tract.

The duration of the procedure is up to five minutes. The number of procedures is determined by the age of the child. For example, a child who is two years old is treated up to two times a day an hour after eating.

As a medicine, you canUse a variety of folk (eucalyptus oil, herbs, honey) and medicines. But it is worth remembering that not all solutions prepared at home can be used in an inhaler. Therefore, you should carefully read the instructions that are attached to the inhaler. You can also consult a doctor.

The simplest and safest solution for use in a nebulizer is NaCl. Such a solution will purify the respiratory tract: it will bring out phlegm, which means it will improve breathing.

It is worth knowing that essential oils can be usedOnly after diluting them. It is also worth remembering that essential oils can cause an allergic reaction, so before using it is better to consult a doctor and do an allergic test.

Inhalation for infants

This procedure for infants followsDo with caution. It is advisable to consult a doctor beforehand. Teapot do inhalation very small children is unlikely to work, so you need to buy a special inhaler in the store, and one that can be used in the "lying" position. There are models of the device that do not make noise and you can carry out the procedure at the moment when the baby is sleeping.

Although inhalations are very useful and effective,However, they are not always shown. You can not do the procedure for acute pneumonia or high temperature, also in some other situations. If a child has a bad mood, he cries, then inhalation is also undesirable.

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