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How to teach a child to write essays

Do not write instead of a child

In order for children to start writing on their own,The first thing to do is to stop writing for them. Many parents start to feel sorry for the child or are afraid that he will get bad marks. This leads to the fact that he brings good grades, but at the same time he does not know how to form his own thoughts. Also it is worth to wean the child to use criticism. Explain to him that in order to write, you can get acquainted with other people's thoughts, but they need to be processed, express their own opinion. Even if it seems to him that the Internet is written more beautifully than he can say himself, in fact it is completely different. Explain to the child that each author has his own writing style, so if he writes differently, this does not mean that his works are bad.

Turn everything into a game

Secondly, remember that not all children haveThe humanitarian mentality. Therefore, it is more difficult to teach them how to write their own compositions. However, no one says that this is impossible. Just need to try to help the child and choose the form of training that is interesting and enjoyable for him. For junior students it is, of course, a game. In order to interest children in writing, you can suggest writing an essay together. In this case, the following is implied: both you and the child write on the line so that in the end the whole composition is obtained. You probably will have to start. When you just start writing essays together, it's you who will "play the first violin." You will have to set the basic tone, come up with events, and the child will continue. But after several such joint works, you will see that the kid begins to invent something himself, to set the tone for the composition. And this is exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Explain the structure

Also it is necessary to teach the child that eachComposition, in general, every literary work has a certain structure. If you do not adhere to it, the reader will not understand anything. Tell the child that the essay should be input, the main part and the conclusion or denouement. In the introduction, the child should briefly state what exactly became the prerequisites for what he wants to tell about this topic. In the main part it is necessary to write what he thinks about the chosen topic, to explain the cause-effect relationships. Well and in conclusions it is necessary to state own relation, to give any general definition to all aforesaid and to sum up.

When you sit down to write with the child of the composition,Never shout at him and do not swear. In order to teach, you need to have patience and be prepared for the fact that the baby does not immediately all work out. Each child has his own vision of the world and certain things. Therefore, if you see that his thoughts do not coincide with yours, but, in principle, they may have the right to exist, one should never correct a child, say that he is not right. If the child wants to, let him depict what he writes on a separate sheet of paper. So the kid will be easier to dream and imagine what he needs to tell in the composition. And you should just observe and prompt. Your task is to teach you how to beautifully express your thoughts, and not think the way you tell him. Remember this when you start teaching a child to write essays.

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