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Classes for the correction of children's fears

Identifying fears

The first stage is testing. Often it is conducted among all children to identify who exactly needs correction. Children are like special tests developed by psychologists that contribute to the definition of fears. The meaning of the tests is to describe the pictures and answers to certain blocks of questions. After the testing is completed, a group of children is identified, which needs correction. The fact that the child has problems, immediately inform parents. A teacher or a psychologist should talk with parents, explain what could be the cause of childhood fears and suggest ways to deal with it.

Methods and methods of correction

At the next stage, a directWork to correct children's fears. It includes many different exercises that help the child stop being afraid of certain things. First of all, relaxation exercises are used to eliminate fears. They help the baby relax, do not overexert. Thanks to such exercises, children begin to sink into their inner world, moving away from what they are afraid of.

Further the teacher or the psychologist passes toConcentration exercises. In this case, the child must learn to focus on his emotions and feelings. These exercises help him understand what exactly causes his fear. For example, children are not afraid of the dark, because it's just dark. Childish fears give rise to various things, the manifestations of which can begin in the dark. The psychologist helps the child to understand this and to separate the concrete from the general.

During correction classes, it is often usedDifferent music that helps to distract from what the child is afraid of, switches his attention. In addition, over time, good positive music begins to be associated with the baby with what he feared and ousted fear. In this case, the psychologist works with positive emotions that can displace negative ones, with the help of the fact that the child is pleasant and like.

Of course, classes to correct fears are alwaysInclude games. Igroterapiya is one of the most effective methods. Children destroy their fears during the game. They are offered to play various skits, characters in which there are fears. Games are built in such a way that the child eventually realizes that he is stronger and smarter than what he is afraid of. Thus, fear of something is overcome.

Another way to correct fears is art therapy. In this case, the children draw what they are afraid of, and then using a series of drawings, try to continue the story. In this case, the psychologist makes sure that the final picture symbolizes victory over fear.

Also, babies are given various massages that soothe and relax their muscles, relieve tension.

During lessons on correction of fear the mainThe task of the psychologist is to accept the child as he is. A child can never be judged for what he is afraid of and is not serious about it. He must understand that you are on his side and really want to help. Also, it's never worth to adjust the child, speed up the process. If the teacher uses corrective games, he must go through with the kid all the steps, without trying to do something faster. Even if the kid can not pass something for a long time, it is necessary to wait and help him, otherwise igroterapiya simply will not bring results. During games, adults do not have to comment on the game, unless it's directly related to the correction. And one more basic rule is the right to improvise. Even if the psychologist has made a certain scenario, the child has every right to deviate from it and this should be welcomed.

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