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Designer for children

The most popular designer is Lego. For children this toy becomes the most beloved for many years. Even adults like to build something from lego. This is not surprising, because lego allows you to create everything your soul desires. Therefore, the purchase of a designer for children will be the best gift for a birthday or another holiday.

Designers for different ages

In order to choose the right constructor,It is necessary to know the age of the child and his hobbies. Let's start with the smallest children. For a child up to three years old, the designer must be bright and big. Do not buy a designer with small parts. At this age, the child likes to pull everything in his mouth and can simply swallow it. Also, in such designers, for the same reason, there are often no different men. Details in the designers for the smallest are big. They are designed to ensure that the child can safely take a brick in his hand and combine it with another. LEGO designers miraculously develop fine motor skills.

For older children you can purchase constructorswith more fine details. By the way, the more the designer - the better. The fact is that a large number of details gives the child the opportunity to approach the building creatively. Do not expect that the baby will necessarily collect what is pictured in the picture. Perhaps he will want to create something of his own. Do not interfere with him in this matter. The more he imagines and dreams, the better.

Design topics

If we talk directly about the subject matterdesigner, you need to know what exactly the child is interested in. Now there are designers with characters of various films and cartoons. For example, it could be "Star Wars", "Pirates of the Caribbean" and many others. If you know that a kid loves a certain film, then buy a lego, which is based on this picture. In this case, you definitely will not lose your gift and will definitely like it. If the child does not have any cinematic preferences, then choose what the kid is interested in. If this is a boy, then a practically win-win option will be lego, in which cars are used. Also, boys like designers, where the theme of pirates, firefighters, police is played out. For girls, it's better to choose something more fabulous and sweet. For example, lego with various fairies, horses, ponies, birds, figures of princes and princesses. Girls like to create fairy-tale castles and play their own magical stories in them. However, not always boys want to play with cars, and girls - dolls. Therefore, it may well be that the girl will be pleased with the designer with pirates or soldiers.

There are designers in which there are no differentfigurines, only details. This designer is also interesting, but still children prefer those toys in which you can build not only buildings, but also someone in them to settle. Therefore, when choosing a designer, remember that you are buying not just a toy, but a small world that will create a child.

There are entire series of designers of the samesubjects. You can buy several, so that the child could create his own magic city or even, the country. When you buy a designer, it's best, of course, to make your choice in specialized children's stores. The fact is that they sell real, original legos. They are made of materials that have already passed various tests more than once, therefore they do not contain any harmful substances and will not be able to inflict health on the child.

Thanks to the designers of lego, children learn to bearchitects, create their own buildings, come up with something new and interesting. In this game you want to play day after day. Therefore, Lego is the leader in sales among designers.

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