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How to treat children on holiday

How to treat children for a holiday?

Of course, they prefer something delicious,Even if it is harmful. On the day of birth, you can take fruit and juice instead of Coca-Cola, so it will be more useful, but this is from the point of view of adults, but children do not think so. After all, adults at the feast prefer themselves more than usual, and why should not the children?

The children's menu includes a standard set -Drinks, fruit, sweet. To create a festive atmosphere, children's non-alcoholic champagne is suitable. There should be a cake at the birthday party. Children have little taste, for them the size of the cake and the type is important. After all, they will not talk with their peers, that the cake was delicious. And you can boast that the birthday cake was three-tiered.

Children love chicken schnitzel in breadcrumbs, chickenBits and potatoes in deep frying. You should not have heavy meals on your birthday. Children do not like meat, they need something to quickly eat and entertain, jump, run. From fruit, you can make mini-shish kebabs, for this, put four pieces of different fruits on a skewer.

At the children's party there should be a lot of sweetsAnd of course, a weight ice cream with various fillings - marmalade, chocolate, raspberry jam. From cocktails, which are made on the basis of milk, children like banana and strawberry the most.

What you are going to treat your children depends onWhat will be the scenario of the holiday, is the reception organized or are you going to put the children at the table. In any case, there will be a simple menu. For children's holiday a very convenient and interesting form is a buffet table. You can make several types, originally designed unusual small sandwiches, which are handy to take.

You can make a sweet table for children, cookDifferent small cakes, so that you can put them in your mouth. And of course, cake. On children's holidays it is better not to use glassware, but rather use plastic beautiful dishes. If juices are served in glass glasses, you should use low glasses, of which it will be more convenient for children to drink.

Ideally, it's worth talking to your parentsInvited to the children's holiday, to see if they have any allergy products. And when you make a menu for the holiday, all this should be taken into account. If you want to please a child, then give preference to the food that he loves. At the birthday party for the child everything should be a surprise and a holiday. And it is unlikely that soup and cutlets will be associated with the holiday, he is waiting for something unusual. At least once a year, do not put before the guests and the child a dietary mashed potatoes and steam cutlets. Better let them be chicken crispy wings.

Great popularity on children's holidaysEnjoy cold drinks, if in normal life you do not allow to drink Coca-Cola, then on this day you can be allowed to feast on such a forbidden drink. And nothing will be terrible if the children on this day go for one day from a healthy diet. On this day you can allow a little extra.

All children love ice cream. But portions should not be very large. But the main thing on a children's holiday is a cake. This is a ritual moment. For children, the main thing is to blow out the candles. They should be beautiful.

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