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How to explain the child fire safety rules

How to explain the child fire safety rules


It's not just the walls and the roof, it's anyDevices, many mechanisms, one of which may well become the cause of the accident and if misused, can cause a fire. Invite the child to draw a diagram of your apartment, mark the danger zones in red. And explain to him why in this zone you need to be very sensitive. If you teach your child to use electrical appliances, then without any problems, avoid an accident.


The cooker can be electric, orGas. In addition, each of us has many extensions, sockets, wires, electrical appliances. And children need to be told that they do not touch wires and electric appliances with wet handles and fingers. Since dangerous electricity does not tolerate contact with water. Explain the children in an accessible language, why you need electricity and where it comes from. It is important to learn how to use electricity.

Parents need to know that you can not leaveElectric appliances included without any need. An elementary habit will be to turn off the appliances from the sockets to avoid hazards. The child needs to be explained that for any signs of malfunctioning electrical devices, for example, the appearance of sparks, you need to call the elders, call your neighbors or call your parents.

Information for children

To avoid a fire:

  • Do not play with sockets.
  • Do not play with lighters and matches.
  • Do not light a gas stove without the help of an adult.
  • Do not leave unattended kettle, iron and other heating appliances.
  • Do not play with kerosene, gasoline or other liquids that can easily ignite.
  • Without adults, it is impossible to light candles in the apartment, Bengal lights and fireworks.

Since 4 years already need to introduce children to the rulesFire safety. It is necessary for children to cause a desire to be very cautious with fire, you need to explain that fire is a big danger. For children, fire safety rules can be learned in poetic form, these rhymes can be found on the Internet. This method may interest them. For adults, the main task is to ensure safety for children. Whether children are aware of the danger of fire will depend on whether the children will want to be naughty or not with fire. You need to teach them that in case of fire, you need to call urgently on number 01.

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