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Vegetarianism in childhood

Vegetarianism in strict regime (and even lightForm, too) the health of the child can cause harm, since the plant ration does not contain important components for the development and growth of the child. Let's look at what components are missing.

An animal protein that is amino acidThe composition is full. And proteins are known to be the basic building material of the body. Once in the body, the proteins break down into amino acids. There are only 20 proteins, 8 of which are simply irreplaceable. In the body, these 8 proteins are not formed, they come only with dairy products, milk, fish, meat, eggs. In the diet of a child, foods that contain a high-grade protein should be present daily, because a growing children's body simply needs a building material.

A high-grade protein in sufficient quantityIs also found in leguminous plants (in soybeans, beans). Meat products contain iron in an easily digestible form. For a growing organism, iron plays a big role, as it participates in the formation of hemoglobin, affects hemopoiesis, participates in breathing, in the formation of certain enzymes, in the reactions of the immune system. In cereal crops contains phytic acid, which, when combined with iron, forms hardly soluble salts, which decreases the digestibility of iron.

Lack of vitamin B12 leads to a decreaseMetabolic processes, including the exchange of fats and carbohydrates, the development of anemia. Vitamin B12 can be found in meat, milk, fish, beef liver, cheese, in the products of the sea.

Vitamin D is involved in the development of the skeleton,So its lack leads to the development of rickets, as well as to the breakdown of phosphorus-calcium metabolism, which changes the shape of the bones and softens the bones. The need for childhood in this vitamin is satisfied mainly due to its formation in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet rays and its intake with products. Vitamin D can be found in the liver of cod, fish oil, butter, eggs, milk, in plant products it is almost none.

The lack of zinc suffers integrityHair cover and skin, various lesions of mucous membranes and skin develop (baldness, dermatitis). Zinc participates in photochemical processes of vision, in the process of hematopoiesis, is contained in the hormone insulin, which participates in carbohydrate metabolism. A high amount of zinc is contained in the beef liver.

Vitamin B2 is involved in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates, thereby accelerating the metabolic processes in the body.

To form antibodies and form redBlood cells require riboflavin. This micronutrient is also necessary for growth and respiration of cells, yet it helps to improve the state of the organs of vision. Riboflavin is found in products such as: milk, eggs, beef liver, fish, cheeses.

Because of a lack of vitamin A can worsenVision with darkness (night blindness) nails become dry and brittle, there is a violation in the skin integuments (begin to peel and crack). Vitamin A, like vitamins B6 and B12, is involved in the growth process. This vitamin is considered fat-soluble. Vitamin A is rich in products such as: cream, cottage cheese, butter, cheese, liver fat, egg yolk and fish oil. In the human body, vitamin A is formed from the carotene of the plant pigment (found in fruits and vegetables of red-yellow color), in the intestinal wall and liver.

The child's body needs cholesterol, which serves as a building material for sex hormones and body cells.

Based on the above, it can be seen thatVegetarianism as a nutrition plan for children can not be recommended, as it lacks the necessary vitamins and nutrients that are vital for the full development and growth of the child.

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