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How to choose books for children

Initially pay attention to the binding. Binding should be strong enough, because you will have to endure considerable trials. The back of the book should be strong, and the cover hard. It is better to choose a book with stitched pages, but not with glued pages. Pages from glued books quickly drop out, except for this time the glue begins to fall apart, which the child will necessarily want to try.

The book in a cardboard binding and with cardboard pages is ideal for very young children, because it is quite difficult to break such a book even for an active reader.

But what if you liked the book in paperBound? In this case, the plastic folder with the files will help. Pages from the purchased book are recommended to be immediately inserted into the folder files. It is better to glue the top of the file with transparent glue, this will not allow the pages to drop out, and the child will not get the sheets from the file, they will not eat them and will not tear them.

The next thing to look at isFormat. For children, it is better to buy a book, so that the format is not less than a landscape sheet, then the font will differ well, and the illustrations will be large. At the same time, the book should not be a gigantic size, since it will be difficult for the child to cover the whole format to view the pictures.

Next, we probe the paper. The paper in the children's book must be of good quality, dense, white (slightly beige). After all, if there is no contrast between the color of the paper and the font color, it harms the eyes.

Children do not want to buy books with glossy pages, since such a paper creates glare and shines. In addition, the cut at the glossy sheets is quite sharp enough for the child to cut himself.

Small children choose books with cardboard pages, they do not tear, they do not crumple, and even if the child spills something on the book, they can be wiped.

Font, another point to be reversedAttention. It should be clear, contrasting and large enough. Children who do not know how to read, with great pleasure, look for familiar letters in the text and learn to read imperceptibly. The learning process will go faster and easier if the font is larger and brighter.

The volume of the book is also an important factor. Here, it is better for parents to refrain from buying their expensive and thick books. The child will be more willing to consider several thin books than one large.

The illustrations should be given special attention,Because on them the kid represents the heroes of the fairy tale. Illustrations should be drawn, no computer graphics-anime. Despite the fact that such pictures are bright, they are cold and do not reflect the attitude of the artist to fairy-tale heroes.

The colors when choosing a book also play not the lastrole. It was proved that quiet half-tones are liked by children more than open bright ones. Up to a year books with a large number of pictures (that each sentence is illustrated) will approach. While the child is not 5 years old, it is better to choose those books in which each page has a picture.

Usually, the heroes of children's fairy tales are animals,So it is very important that the painted animals were as much like real animals. Do not take those books where a person is drawn with an animal head. In painted characters, the expression of persons should not be evil, even in a negative hero, otherwise the child may be frightened. The type of heroes should be such that the child had the confidence that a good hero to defeat the evil hero.

Pay attention to the landscapes in the pictures. Landscapes should convey the situation of the fairy tale: the child must understand the peculiarities of the jungle where Mowgli lived, in which Mashenka lost its way. So the child will develop fantasy and widen his horizons.

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