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Family holidays in kindergarten

Why do family holidays in the garden?

Organization of family holidays in kindergartenIs one of the forms of communication between children, parents and educators. Such holidays are aimed at solving various problems. It is the development in adults of the ability to distinguish the emotional states of children, the facilitation of communication between children and adults. Acquisition of experience by parents for family holidays, taking into account the recommendations of specialists and teachers.

The fact is that such activities allowParents acquire some knowledge. For example, to see from within the various problems of his child, his difficulties in relationships. Family holidays in the kindergarten help parents gain experience of communication not only with their baby, but also in general with the parental community. Such holidays help to draw closer to everyone who takes part in them, and this is very important for future relationships.

In the process of joint preparation for the holiday inKindergarten parents have many qualities. For example, activity, solidarity, creativity, responsibility, musicality. Children at this time become artistic, more relaxed and communicative, because they honor the support of the educator and from their parents. In addition, parents are closer to children and to each other. The form of interaction between teachers, parents and children is relevant and timely for the educational space in the kindergarten.

What family holidays can be held in kindergarten

Holidays are always a celebration, joy,Fun, which both adults and children experience. When preparing any family holiday, parents and teachers together think through and make costumes, decorations, prepare treats, etc. Family holidays can be very different. They are "March 8", "Autumn Fair", "Neptune Day", "New Year Journey". Also, "Kolobok in the autumn forest", "Sports festival", "Journey to the school islands", a cycle of scenarios for different seasons, "Visiting a fairy tale", etc.

Variants of children's family holidays in the gardenquite a bit of. Interesting may be a scenario in which children and parents change places. In other words, adults become children who need to be brought up, for which one must always follow, and sometimes even punish.

On this family holiday in the garden you need betweenTo distribute roles to children. For example, two children (a girl and a boy) should play the role of parents who try to teach their children all the right and best. For this purpose they have the opportunity to apply to various specialists for help, in the role of which other children are acting. These advisors at a family holiday should be doctors, teachers, representatives of different working specialties and professions, athletes, etc.

Teacher-children should explain to parents-kidsThat to become a good person and to achieve success in the future, one must study diligently, obey the elders, observe hygiene, and so on. For example, doctors may indicate the need for good sleep, warm clothing in the winter, compliance with the regime of the day, etc. Athletes can tell why it is useful to engage in physical education, about healthy and healthy food, etc. The script of this matinee can be as many scenes as teachers Consider it necessary. Thus, the kiddies will begin to understand the importance of those rules and teachings that they themselves gave to their parents at the family matinee and will try to observe them more. The development of children is facilitated by any role-playing game, so any matinee, whatever topic it was sent to, will only benefit children. It is compulsory for any matinee to win various prizes, this will only strengthen the children's interest. Well, if a family holiday in the garden is accompanied by a sweet table. Parents for babies are the closest people. And all the kids want to show them their achievements. This causes kids to feel proud and independent.

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