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How to tell a child about animals

Animals in the pictures - the first acquaintance of the baby with the animals

Before telling the child about animals in oralForm, acquire auxiliary cards on which various animals are depicted. Such pictures are not only well perceived by the child, but also perfectly remembered by him. Well, if you, even more to everything, each of the cards shown to the child will be accompanied by a short story about little animals, your baby will be just delighted with such a "zoology lesson". By the way, to tell the kid about animals, you can take in the storyline their name, habitat range, food preferences and the way they "communicate" with each other.

About animals not by hearsay

Another good way to tell your child about animals is audio books, from which the child will be able to hear how the dog bites, mew the kitten or how to pronounce its mu-mu-mu mare.

Also parents can read to their babyJocular stories or poems about our younger brothers. For this purpose it is necessary to purchase children's books in the bookstore, which necessarily has bright illustrations. Thanks to these illustrations, the child will not only be happy to listen to a cheerful poem about the seal, but will also see his image in a colorful picture.

At the moment when your little one grows a little, youYou should get a good encyclopedia about the world of animals. It is from her pages that a child can get interesting and useful information, which is necessarily accompanied by images and photographs.

Video about animals

Periodically, together with the child, doWatching movies about nature. It is precisely in such films that animals are shown in their natural habitat. By the way, be sure to preview it before you show it to the kid. So you will be able to avoid undesirable explanations regarding the issue of bestial hunting or the breeding season for animals. The selection of films should be thorough and include good films, which are specially recommended for children's viewing. In such films, generalized facts from the animal world should be shown. And yet, buy for the baby a series of funny animated cartoons about animals. For these purposes good old and good Soviet cartoons will do.

Acquaintance with little animals in life

Why do not you take your child to the merryAnd a colorful performance in the circus, where the main characters are little animals. In the intermission of the show you can make a couple of photos with this or that animal. As a rule, small children love the circus very much and with great pleasure observe how trained animals perform numbers.

Visiting the zoo also plays a positiveRole at the time of development and expansion of children's horizons. Here you can, using the "living examples" to tell the baby about each of the animals. Take the camera, taking photographs, which let the child now tell about what animal is what it represents.

Thanks to this excursion the child will be able to get not only a huge amount of impressions, but also to gain precious experience in dealing with our lesser brothers.

We fix our story with creativity

Draw together with the baby various animals orMake them out of plasticine. Such a creative approach will help you in a game form to tell the baby about a particular animal, and most importantly, together with him determine who has what kind of appearance and how they differ among themselves.

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