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Toys for children: Bakugan

Toys bakugan

If toys can be called a bestseller, thenBakugan is the main favorite of recent years. In 2009, toys Bakugan are recognized as the best toys of the year. Trying to preserve the interest of millions of children to toys Bakugan, Japanese animators created four more anime series of the series. The premiere of the new series about Bakugan was held in April 2012. And for each anime cycle, new types of Bakugan toys were created.

The popularity of Bakugan is explained not onlyInterest in cartoons with these characters. First of all, Bakugan became an original exciting board game, where the logical rules of the card game were combined with the dynamic actions of the players. The children were delighted! There is where the intellect can be applied, and at the same time, be filled with reverence. The game bakugan was a real alternative to TVs and computers, collecting children around the gaming arena.

But the main trump card was the Bakugan-Transformers,When exposed to metal objects. Toys Bakugans are fantastic characters in the form of semi robots, semi mystical animals. Many children do not even go into the rules of the game itself, they just have the treasured Bakugan, which you can brag about before your friends, and exchange on occasion.

Models of Bakugan

Toys bakugan for children are divided into elements (according toAnalogy with the cartoon). To each element belong more than a dozen characters with their unique characteristics. As a rule, children try to collect as much as possible a full collection of toys. But since there are too many of them, they usually collect toys of a certain element. The names are written on the packaging and on the Bakugans themselves. In addition to the toy bakugans themselves, the series is represented by various traps (Trap), which are also transformed by contact with metal.

Toys bakugan elements water «Aquos»: Abis Omega, Dual Elfin, Elfin, Elico, Frosch, Limilus, Preyas, Siege, Sirenoid, Stinglash, Terror Claw, Stug, Trap Tripod Epsilon.

Toys Bakugan The elements Fire «Pyrus»: Trap Metal Fencer, Trap Scorpion, Apollonir,Delta Dragonoid, Diablo Preyas, Dragonoid, Falconear, Fear Ripper, Fortress, Garganoid, Helios, Neo Dragonoid, Saurus, Ultra Dragonoid, Viper Helo, Warius, Dragonoid.

Toys Bakugan The elements Lands Subterra: Trap Piercian, Trap Zoack, Cycloid, Gorem, Hammer Gorem, Manion, Rattleoid, Tuskor, Vandarus, Vulcan, Wilda, Wormquake.

Toys Bakugan The elements Of darkness «Darkus»: Trap Falcon Fly, Traph Phythantus, Alpha Hydranoid, Alpha Percival, Exedra, Hades, Hydranoid, Laserman, Mantris, Midnight Percival, Percival, Reaper.

Toys Bakugan The elements Sveta Haos: Blade Tigrerra, Brontes, Freezer, Griffin, Hynoid, Larslion, Naga, Nemus, Tentaclear, Tigrerra, Verias. Wavern.

Toys Bakugan The elements The wind Ventus: Altair, Atmos, Bee Striker, Harpus, Ingram, Monarus, Oberus, Skyress, Wired.

Rules of the game

Bakugans are not just plastic figurines withSecret. This is part of the board game bakugan. Also for the game you will need: the playing field, playing cards, gate cards, the device "baku-under" will facilitate the game (shows the strength of the players), there are other gadgets (make the gameplay more interesting).

Players can use Bakugan from differentElements. But it is more effective to play with figures of a certain element. At the beginning of the fight, players throw a "gate card" on the card field. Each player can optionally fold several cards, creating different game combinations. Then players throw on cards of gate of Bakugans. The cards are equipped with metal inserts. When the Bakugan hits the card, it will be magnetized and opened. If two bakugans of competitors compete on one card, a virtual duel begins.

The strength of Bakugan is determined by their level,Marked "G" and having a digital value. The bakugan with the greatest "G" wins. After the "battle" the players take away the Bakugan and the gate card, on which two Bakugans were immersed. The lost Bakugans in the game no longer participate. The player who has lost all Bakugans in the "battle" is losing.

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