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Labor Education of Children in the Family

Beginning of labor education

Already in two or three years, the kid should understand that heYou need to help your parents. At this age, his labor education is to learn to collect toys for himself. Many parents feel sorry for the children and do everything for them. This is fundamentally wrong. In this case, at the youngest age, children begin to be lazy and get used to the fact that they will do everything for them. To prevent this from happening, children must be forced and taught labor discipline. Of course, do not shout and swear. It's just necessary to explain that mom and dad need help, and there must be order in the room. And since he is an adult boy (girl), then you need to clean yourself. If the child does not listen, explain to him that until he removes, for example, he will not watch cartoons. After all, my father and mother do not sit down to rest until they fulfill their duties around the house.

Equal rights in labor education

By the way, labor education should beThe same for boys, and for girls. Therefore, do not assume that the guys need to learn purely "male" work, and girls - purely "female". Approximately at the age of three, children begin to take an interest in what they are doing in their family. Do not ignore such interest. If the child wants to wash dishes or vacuum - encourage the desire. Of course, at this age, the baby can not do it qualitatively enough. But in no case do not scold him, because he is trying so hard. Simply show him the flaws and say that he is clever, but if the next time he does without errors, he will be even bigger. Of course, labor education implies tasks that the child is capable of by age. For example, if he wants to sweep in the house or to dig in the garden, buy him a children's broom or children's garden supplies. With such a tool of labor, it will be easier for him to cope and do what he wants.

Do not buy labor

When the child gets older, he can giveMore complex tasks for which parents will encourage him. Labor education is to not force the child, but to stimulate him to work. But this does not mean that parents will buy his work. Of course, these methods also sometimes have to be resorted to, but only in those cases when the kid performs responsible and hard work. In other cases, he needs to explain that he is the same member of the family, so he performs the functions on a par with his parents so that they can rest and spend time with him. For example, you can teach a child to always wipe the dust when mom and dad are cleaning. This work is not difficult, but at the same time, the kid will understand that parents can not do without him and feel necessary in the family.

When children become older, they need to startAccustom to work in the kitchen. Of course, everything must be done under the supervision of the parents. Also do not advise giving children sharp and heavy knives. But this does not prevent to give the child a knife, that he cut cheese or crushed vegetables, which are easy to cut (for example, cooked carrots). During cooking, it is worth telling the child what you are doing, what ingredients are needed and what will be.

Labor education should not be for the childA burden, but an interesting occupation. While working around the house, you can tell the fairy tale kid, turn everything into a game. The main thing is that it was pleasant and interesting for him to help his parents.

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