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The regime of the day of children of early growth

Why do children need a certain regime of the day?

Waking, sleeping and feeding in children earlyAge are spent basically in the same time interval and even in the necessary sequence. In this case the body of the child produces a certain reflex for a while. If children develop a certain stereotype of behavior, then they have a good appetite, fall asleep without unnecessary problems and are very active during periods of wakefulness.

When observing the regime of the day, children are less restless,They do not require excessive rest. For example, wearing on hands during waking hours, motion sickness before going to bed, etc. Observance of the adjusted regime of the day at the child from the very birth facilitates the life not only for the kid himself but also for the parents. This is confirmed by numerous observations of specialists and parents. In addition, children who live according to a certain schedule of the day from birth are less capricious, develop well, because their body adapts itself (at the time of eating, at night, to bathing, etc.) to a certain action at the right time. Therefore, children do not have special problems for their parents.

With sudden changes in the regime, the children who are accustomed toIn time to do this or that action, become irritable and capricious. This is because the change in the habitual way of life negatively affects his health, since the central nervous system suffers. For example, when it's time for sleep, the baby's body is ready for it. But if the child does not fall asleep for one reason or another, then the body experiences great stress.

Correct adherence to certain actions inThe course of the day forms a rhythm of life in children, which ensures normal neuropsychic and physical development. It does not depend on where the kid is brought up, in a children's collective or at home by parents. Such a regime is drawn up in accordance with certain justified and scientific norms. It is from the age of children and from individual characteristics that the duration of sleep and wakefulness, the time of feeding and walking in the open air, the time of hygiene measures are determined.

What should be included in the daily routine for young children

Young children should be correctOrganized meals. This is determined not only by age, but also by the individual characteristics of the child. Food should be provided at certain times daily and in the right quantities. The older the baby becomes, the more nutrients he needs.

Very important for a child's bodyThe physiological need is a dream. A baby should sleep quite a lot, the older it becomes, the need for prolonged sleep decreases. It is necessary from the very beginning of birth to organize the correct alternation of sleep and wakefulness. Breast children should sleep at night, but often they become restless. If the baby is not sick, then the cause should be identified. For example, feed, change linen, check if it's hot to him. In addition, the baby should not be laid next to him at night, he must sleep separately in the crib. Also, young children need daytime sleep.

When organizing a regime, it is necessary to includeHe walks in the open air. From the birth of the child, they should be short, but the older the children become, the more prolonged they should be. Daylight is simply necessary for the health of children. In addition, outdoor walks help improve appetite.

Correctly should also be organizedWakefulness of children. On this depends their activity and emotional state. When waking, the child must develop his motor abilities. This is just necessary for the proper formation of all the functions of the body. It is good to do special physical exercises with young children. In addition, the regime of the day must include water procedures, massages and other hygiene procedures.

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