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Feeding children after poisoning

How to Feed the Children Immediately after Poisoning

When poisoning a strong blow gets the organsDigestion. Mucous irritated and inflamed. During the poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea occurs, because of this the baby's body loses a lot of fluid. Therefore, the first task - you need to fill the loss of fluid in the child's body.

After poisoning, children should be fed with a specialCaution. After the improvement of the condition, it is better not to give anything to the children for a while. You can only give babies to drink, but exclude sour drinks. To exclude it is necessary lemon juice, orange, cranberry juice, carbonated drinks. You can eat carrot-apple juice, beet, cabbage. Also, give as much tea as possible to children, especially green tea, as it invigorates. You need to know that hot drinks can not be taken, they can cause irritation of the digestive system.

Gradually, if the child wants, you need a littlefeed him. Nutrition of the child should be gentle. Very good for this first meal. This is a light soup with noodles, chicken broth, broccoli cabbage soup, vegetable soups with rice. The first dishes are very good to dress with lettuce or sorrel. Substances in this greenery help restore the condition after poisoning. In addition, that such food does not harm the stomach, which is still very wounded, it still quickly quenches the hunger. Children may want sweets, but it is better not to give them at first.

Food included in the ration after poisoning

Already the day after the improvement of the state of nutritionChildren can be diversified with second courses. It is necessary to choose products that are useful, saturated with the necessary substances, since it is simply necessary for the weakened organism of the baby; Easy for digestion by the stomach, since the digestive organs are still very painful.

When choosing meat products, exclude sausages andSmoked products, duck meat, pork, beef. These foods are too high-calorie and can provoke vomiting in children, and sometimes diarrhea. When choosing meat, chicken breast, fish, especially sea (recommended for the restoration of the intestine) or rabbit meat is recommended. In the form of a side dish, use vegetables: beans, broccoli, or colored carrots. And also boiled potatoes, boiled beets, celery. Such vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals, which are very necessary in this period to the body. Also, instead of sauces and mayonnaise, it is good to use tomato juice for filling dishes. Eat only boiled, baked or steamed food.

To quickly rebuild the children's bodyAfter poisoning, include in the menu oatmeal and buckwheat porridge, rice porridge with milk. It perfectly restores protein metabolism in the body. At the same time, children have an appetite, vital activity is added, which will help the fastest recovery of all functions in the body.

Also contribute to the restoration of a weakenedOrganism of cereals. They should be used in the diet, as such products as bread, various flakes are rich in useful substances. But you should know that it's about coarse bread, but buns can not be consumed - they contain a lot of fat, carbohydrates and sugar. Children always want sweets (chocolate, waffles, cookies), but their use is not recommended until full recovery. Offer them poppy croutons, pretzels or some honey.

What foods for food after poisoning of the child's body need to be excluded

Exclude from a child's diet after poisoningSalted, smoked, fatty, sweet and spicy food. And also you can not eat fatty dairy products, fried and pickled food. In order for children to better bear the recovery period after a given ailment, parents must fully support their children. They should eat foods the same as their children, so that the child does not have temptation.

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