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Is it worth it to teach your child to your hands?

When a child needs most to be taken more often

Almost everyone knows that since birthThe child has different needs. And he expresses it in the form of anxiety or crying. But you need to know that the physiological need for nutrition, sleep and so on the baby's need is not limited. The child simply needs contact with the mother, namely physical contact, to feel the mother's smell and warmth. If there is no mother next to the baby, then he experiences very great stress. A stressful condition helps to weaken the nervous system and reduce immunity.

Even in the womb of the crumb felt the strongest contact withMother and after birth he needs it. But the fact is that after birth he finds himself in an environment unfamiliar to him. He has not yet managed to adapt to the new world and is experiencing stress. Therefore, to accustom the baby immediately after birth is not only possible, but also necessary.

Months to two after birth, the baby should likeYou can be more in contact with parents, spend a lot of time on your hands, lie side by side with them on the bed, breastfeed or from a bottle of parental hands. He already perfectly distinguishes the voices of people close to him. Feeling your warmth, calmly falls asleep.

How to gradually wean the child at hand

When the baby is about three months old,Think about how to disaccustom him from such close contact, so as not to harm his nervous system. After the older the child becomes, the more he gets used to such a close connection, since he does not represent another existence. But we must begin to wean him with care and gradually. As often as possible, you need to leave your baby alone for a short period of time, but not in the next room, but near you. At the same time, you need to continue communicating with him, talking, holding your hand, stroking. Gradually, this time needs to be increased. The main thing is that the baby gradually adapts to another way of communicating with parents.

Already by three months of life the baby sleeps moreA long time. But in his spare time from sleep, he knows the environment surrounding him, carefully watching everything. And it's very easy to do in the hands of parents. Therefore, to deprive such an opportunity his child is harmful. It is necessary to wear it in such moments, but not always, sometimes it can be left for a while, but a little farther away from you. It is good to give him toys so that he will concentrate his attention on them.

But if you put the crumbs of one and yet heDissatisfied "grunts" or begins to cry, then take it in your hands immediately. If you do not pay any attention to children's crying, then in the subconscious of the child, the fear of remaining alone is postponed. If you do everything right, then by the age of 4-6 your baby will be able to stay alone for quite some time, and you will have more free time, which you can devote to other things or yourself.

Is it worth it to accustom your baby to your hands onA long time? A single-valued answer is not. If parents will carry their child constantly on their hands, then by the age of 10 months it will be very hard to do. The fact is that at this age children already understand many things. They are at every opportunity, if you leave them alone, they will begin to demand their own. At the same time they begin to cry, and sometimes even make hysterics, because they alone are not used to. Hysterics, in turn, are very harmful to the child's mental state. Therefore, it is possible to accustom the child to the hands during a certain period of his life. It is also important in time, when the baby is not too demanding, it is gradually weaned from the hands, because then it will be very difficult.

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