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How to establish relations with a teenage daughter

And all the problems with the daughter, usually beginIn adolescence. However, this is not surprising. Each mom seems that her daughter is a little princess, all such a tender, sweet girl with bows. That's why when a daughter grows up, it's so hard for mom to get along with her, because her mother thinks of her as a little girl, and her daughter wants to feel like an adult lady. How to act in this situation?

Avoiding Tastes

First, many mothers spoil the relationship withDaughter by the fact that they try to impose their thoughts on tastes and much more. Or worse, they say that the tastes and preferences of the girl are wrong and abnormal. So do not in any case. Even if the daughter starts to get involved in heavy music, considers himself a goth and hangs strange posters, do not immediately conclude that she was in a bad company and is injuring herself.

In adolescence, children are looking for themselves and trying toExpress yourself. That's why they are beginning to be interested in subcultures, to dress unconventionally, to listen to music that is different from mass. If your relationship with your daughter began to deteriorate precisely because of her lifestyle, then you, as a mother, need to learn how to accept it as it is. If you see that her style and tastes do not affect her negatively (she does not drink, normally learns, behaves adequately), do not try to change her daughter. As well as it is not necessary through force tries to join her world. You still have to remain a mother - that is, an older person who does not try to hang out with her, but can help with advice when she asks.

Communicating with her daughter, you need to be interested in her life,But not to try. She will tell you herself what she thinks fit, if you do not pressure her. When a teenage girl does open up before you, in no case should she be judged. Even if you think that she is not right, try to quietly give her advice, suggest ways of solving the problem, but never shout, do not call, do not say that she does not know anything and does not know what. If the daughter will hear from you only condemnation, you will not be able to establish relationships and it will completely close.

Conflict because of the guy

The conflict between mother and daughter can occurBecause of the first love and chevaliers, which does not approve of my mother. Of course, in this case, the mother is very difficult to restrain herself, because she wants to protect the child from unsuitable candidates. However, in such a situation you need to put yourself in its place and remember that when you fall in love, you notice only the good, and you perceive any negative towards the object of sighing as a personal offense. Therefore, even if the mother sees that the daughter chooses the wrong young man, one must take control of himself and give the child to learn from his mistakes. Of course, while no one forbids giving unobtrusive advice.

In general, if you want to establish relations withDaughter-teenager, more often remember what they were at her age. Learn to look at the situation not from your own age, when you have already become wise and have seen much. Look at the situation through the eyes of your daughter, who is just beginning to explore the world. If you really can do this, then you will understand how to help it, without conflict from scratch.

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