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Hysteria in young children

How hysteria develops in babies

The strongest emotional outburst thatArises in the form of anger, irritation, aggression, despair - this is a child's hysterics. In the event of hysteria, a small child begins to bend back, cry and shout loudly. With this phenomenon in the baby, the functions of motility are knocked down, it can strike against any objects and not feel pain. In some cases with uncontrolled fury, the child may experience: lack of air (the baby suffers air), involuntary convulsions, and sometimes short-term fainting. After such a burst of energy, the nervous system needs rest. After the end of the attack, the child either falls asleep or falls into a stupor.

What is the cause of such states

According to psychologists, hysterics in children under one year oldAre very rare and are caused mainly by various diseases. Hysterics are normal in children after a one-year-old age. The fact is that from year one the baby is already beginning to realize its importance. Hysteria at this age is usually a reaction, a failure, which the kid did not expect. And cry in this case, the child begins not specifically, but from resentment. At the same time, parents, out of pity for their children, try to calm him and satisfy his demands in any way. But the thoughts of the crumb already postponed the fact that if you cry and cry, you can get it.

Accustomed to the fact that with the help of such protestsYou can achieve your goal, the child begins to arrange such actions in case of any rejections by his parents. Most often hysterics occur in children under 4 years, since after this age the baby already realizes that punishment will follow. Especially such actions the kid loves to arrange in crowded places, where parents, so as not to be disgraced, necessarily buy this or that toy, candy, etc. Or there are those people who will regret a small "cunning", reproaching parents and parents will fulfill the demand. Over time, such actions for the child become the norm.

Also in young children provoke a hystericsThere may be other factors. For example, any disease, especially occurring with temperature, fatigue, failure in the regime of the baby. And also a long stay in crowded places, long rest, where much was allowed, hunger and thirst. In addition, various mental disorders can provoke an emotional outburst. In any case, if your child rolls up hysterics very often - contact a specialist.

How to deal with such emotional outbursts

The most important thing is to start a "fight" withHysteria is prevention. Before you go to a crowded place, especially shopping, take care of some nuances. The kid should be full, put on a season, get enough sleep. Any inconvenience can provoke a hysterics. In addition, do not forget that a quarrel between parents, ignoring the baby can also cause such a condition in the crumbs.

In most cases, the tantrum of a baby causesRefusal to purchase any toys, candy, etc. While the child is still small, it is possible to influence it with "distractions". For example, "the machine has gone", "the plane has departed" etc. You can also switch the attention of the kid to the game.

If hysterics could not be avoided, it is betterHis child is not soothing. If you mess with him, he will not soon stop this "presentation." The main thing, no matter how painful you are, do not give in to your feelings, it's better not to pay attention. The kid will understand that he has lost and will calm down. If you do this several times, the tantrums of the child will stop. You can not punish a child for his behavior, especially for everyone. As soon as the little one settles down, find out the cause of his discontent. Explain to him that you love him very much. After you learn to ignore your child's hysteria, eventually they will stop, because the kid will understand that this he will not achieve anything.

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