/ / Application in the development of fine motor skills

Application in the development of fine motor skills

What is the relevance of the application?

Application is very relevant when working with children. After all, the first impressions about the magnitude of objects, their shapes and location in space in the child are formed with the help of tactile-motor perception. Therefore, it is necessary from the very childhood to give the children due attention to the development of fine motor skills. This helps to solve several problems at once. First, it promotes the development of intelligence in children, and secondly, it prepares the child for faster mastery of the writing skill. Application in the development of motor skills allows the child to learn to perform fine and precise movements of the fingers, and this directly affects the work of the mental and speech centers of the brain. It is very important at an early age to develop the child's skills of manual skill, to form the mechanisms that are necessary to accumulate the practical experience of the baby, as well as to master the letter in the future.

Organization of lessons on application

With a good organization of classes for the application ofHuman small motor skills will develop much faster. For this, certain conditions must be met. The first thing you need is to create a developing environment, secondly, to select special methods and, finally, to select the most effective methods when working with the application.

Objectives when working with the application

As with any other work, we put beforeThe goal, and when performing the application, we need to know clearly what we want to achieve. And the goal is simple - it is necessary to activate passive and active finger movements, learn how to develop a positive attitude when working with the application (and not only), show your emotional attitude to what we have as a result of our activities.

Form the skill according to the chosen patternPerform the task, develop the ability to navigate the plane well, activate your vocabulary. Develop spatial orientation and visual attention, dexterity of fingers.

Tasks when working with the application

Each of them can have their own, but, in my opinion, any task should include the following:

  1. Develop skills to perform precise movements of the fingers and hands, the ability to coordinate the work of our hands with visual perception.
  2. Develop creative imagination, imagination and activity.
  3. Develop attention, thinking, memory, speech, eye, and also cognitive interest.
  4. Train the muscles of the hands and teach deft treatment of various materials.
  5. Educate in yourself assiduity, kindness, accuracy, the ability to work individually and in a team.

Application can be performed from a variety ofMaterial. This can be paper, plasticine, straw, wood, beads, fabric, etc. But, especially positively affects the process of development of fine motor skills of the napkin application. When working with paper napkins, we constantly crush them with your fingertips into lumps. This is necessary in order to fill the outline of the picture. We put these lumps on certain places. The work can be done individually or collectively. Collective works, which are performed by napkin application, differ in their artistic taste and color. Those who are engaged in this application with great pleasure and get satisfaction from the work done with their own hands. Over time, the fingers become more dexterous, and the performed applications are more complex. Seeing your success, which a person has achieved and his ready work, there is no limit to joy, especially for the child, pride and admiration for his work.

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