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Walking with an infant

Than useful walks for infants

Being a child in the fresh air is easy.Is necessary. Elixir of growth and a wonderful "medicine" is fresh air for the baby. The fact is that oxygen is simply necessary for a growing organism. Saturation of the body with oxygen has a beneficial effect on the developing brain of the baby. Sufficient oxygen is also necessary for crumbs, as is nutrition.

At any time of year are necessary for the childDaily walks in the fresh air. Being in the fresh air increases the appetite of the baby. Such air promotes strengthening of immunity, correct development of the skin, strengthening of the respiratory system. The kid, who cries in the house, calms down and falls asleep in the street.

It is proven that sunlight for the rightDevelopment is simply necessary. During growth, and rapid, disease of rickets is observed in 35% of young children. An ideal means for prevention is sunlight. Under its influence, the child develops vitamin D, which is a medicine for rickets.

But sunlight does not mean a direct hit onA crumb of sunlight. Such rays should be avoided. Ultraviolet radiation for a very delicate organism is dangerous. The child may get sunburn. The baby has very tender skin and light, there are few pigment cells in it, which are necessary for the production of melanin, which protects the skin from ultraviolet rays. Being with his baby in a shady place, his body in sufficient quantity will get the necessary vitamin D. In addition, choose a place for walking preferably with clean air.

Also, walks with the baby are necessary forThe development of a new space, in order to adapt to the changes in the temperature regime, which are not in the room. But for walks on the street, of course, gradualness is needed.

What you need to know to take the crumb for a walk

The most problematic issue for parents is whenAfter discharge from the hospital you need to start walking with the baby? If your baby was born in the warm season, then start taking it out to fresh air right after discharge, no more than 7 minutes, and if it's frosty in the street, then 3 to 5 minutes. In case of frosty weather, it is necessary to increase the time on the street 2-3 minutes daily, and in warm weather, you can increase the time by 5-7 minutes every day. Already to 3-4 months of life crumbs a walk in the fresh air can be done all day. In winter, gradually increasing the time spent on the street, the baby should be on the street up to 4 hours per day. On the street you can take out the baby several times.

For crumbs, winter air is more useful, since itMuch fresh and more saturated with oxygen. Also in the winter air a lot of negative ions, and they perfectly tone up the body, contribute to strengthening the nervous system, expanding the bronchial tubes and lifting colic in the abdomen. In addition, in winter the air is cleaner, since snow absorbs negative substances from the air (exhaust gases, dust, etc.). Before you go out with the child on the street, take care of the water, which you just need to take with you. The fact is that infants feel thirst more often than adults. You need to know that the baby will better tolerate the cold if it is full. In the event that the street is too frosty or it rains, a strong wind, then it is good to take out the baby on the balcony these days.

During walks, especially in warm weather, notTry to smash the crumb, it will only hurt him. Periodically check the baby's spout, if it is cold, then the baby is cold. In strong wind, provide cover from it. Do not cover the face of the crumbs with a corner of the diaper. This not only makes it difficult for the child to breathe, but also prevents the sunlight from penetrating. In case you are going for a long walk with the baby, take care of food, extra clothes and water. If outdoors the humidity of the air is more than 85%, then the trip to the street is better to be canceled. Walking in the fresh air with infants not only benefits children, but also positively affects the parents.

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