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Night tantrums in children

Therefore, those methods that are suitable for someChildren, others can just be hurt. Before giving drugs that can stop tantrums, be sure to see a doctor. Only he can accurately determine what caused this state of the child and attributed the correct treatment.

Possible reasons

However, for parents to still beMore or less informed, we will tell, because of what most often begin the night tantrums. First, the child can make night tantrums because of the negative emotional atmosphere in the family. In young children, the highest sensitivity to bad energy, which accumulates in homes where everyone is unhappy, is often shouted and cursed. Another cause of hysteria may be a wrong daily routine. Many modern parents believe that children should not put a rigid framework. However, if the baby sleeps before dinner, plays until midnight, does not observe any regime, eats, when he wants and does not sleep during the day, his nervous system can be depleted, which leads to such nightly hysterics. Of course, the cause of hysteria can be and health problems, as well as the various emotions that the kid is experiencing for the day. That's why all psychologists are strongly advised to never include films and programs in young children that show blood and violence. After watching this day, the kid is overexcited, frightened, his fragile nervous system begins to "naughty", which leads to hysterics.

Behavior of parents

How to act to parents in the case when uThe child begins hysterics? Firstly, they should not lose their self-control, otherwise, the kid will get scared even more. Usually hysteria begins after the child wakes up in the middle of the night. If your baby already knows how to speak, try to gently and calmly ask him about what he dreamed. When a son or daughter tells that he had a dream about something terrible, try to explain to the child that all this is not real and nobody will offend him. Hug him, kiss, sing a lullaby or start telling a good tale. In general, make sure that the fairy tale for the night does not contain any terrible characters that can then dream and frighten the child. Most often, hysterics occur with children from three to eight years. Remember that at this age such incidents are the norm. Nighttime tantrums are not an indication that the baby has any mental and physical abnormalities. Simply at this age children receive a huge amount of information and the brain does not always have time to process it. As a consequence, images and concepts received in a day can be confused, creating an unpleasant picture.

Night tantrums often happen tooActive children. The fact is that the brain must rest in a dream. If he is actively working, then there are various unpleasant pictures, there are emotions of fear, which are the cause of hysteria. That's why make sure that at least two hours before bedtime the child begins to calm down. Suggest him to lay down his toys and make him sit watching some kind of cartoon or listen to a fairy tale. If the child is prone to hysterics, it is best not to leave it for the night in pitch darkness. Buy a night light for the child, then the light will always be able to calm the baby and he will not think about all sorts of horrors. But if you see that tantrums are constantly repeating, just in case, however, contact a specialist.

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