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Angina with breastfeeding

What to do if a nursing mother gets angina

If you are sick with angina, then do not rushStop breastfeeding, because the unique mother's milk, the baby's necessary for the formation of the whole body, can not be replaced. It is necessary to know the following - before you find an infectious disease, the baby has already received the causative agent of the disease with the mother's milk. And he also received antibodies to this causative agent, immune defense against possible complications. Therefore, by the time you have symptoms of angina, the baby is already sick or actively immunized. If you stop breastfeeding, you will deprive the child of a wonderful medicine - mother's milk. Therefore, if you stop breastfeeding, then leave the crumb to fight the disease yourself. In addition, early infection of crumbs (in some cases) with microorganisms plays an important role in the formation of immune defense.

The angina that occurs during feeding is notCause for interruption of feeding crumbs. Also, fever is not an indicator for stopping feeding. To feed the baby is necessary. The only thing you need to do before the feeding procedure is to wear a gauze bandage. After each feeding, this mask should be boiled.

How to treat a sore throat during a child's breast-feeding

When the first signs of sore throat are foundIn the throat, weakness, fever) you should always consult a doctor. Only a good specialist can choose the right treatment for a young mother. Treatment should only take place with the help of medications that will be safe for crumbs. Also, to confirm the safety of one or another preparation of the mother before using it, you need to study the instructions to find out if it is suitable for nursing mothers.

When a mother is ill, a course of treatment is prescribedWhen using certain antibacterial drugs. Namely the course of antibiotics, which is compatible with breastfeeding. Do not take antibiotics on your own, because you can do much harm to your baby. And these drugs in our time a lot. In any case, you can find a substitute for the drug, which is contraindicated in feeding.

The only thing that can harm the writtenThe drug to the baby is to break the intestinal microflora. But this problem is solved by itself and does not require special treatment. The intestinal microflora is restored due to breast milk. But such an option for a baby is better than refusing to feed, since when switching to artificial feeding microflora is disrupted more. In addition, to restore the microflora after taking antibiotics, you can write out special drugs that are safe for both the baby and his mother.

In a complex with preparations which the doctor writes out,Appointed by the doctor: drinking from certain broths, regular gargling (well decoction of marigold or chamomile). If there is a temperature, then you can take paracetamol, but after a certain time. In no case should it be possible to take aspirin while breastfeeding, since it negatively affects the baby. In addition to this house, you can warm your throat with warm salt or sand, packed in bags. Do not forget about the products, rich in various useful trace elements and vitamins, which during the period of illness are especially necessary for the body. If urgent hospitalization of the mother is needed, milk can be preserved for the duration of treatment, for this it is necessary to express milk regularly from the breasts, and up to 10 times a day, and thoroughly. After the necessary treatment of the mother, breast-feeding can be restored. With all the rules of complex treatment, the body will quickly recover.

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