/ How to begin to temper the child

How to begin to temper the child

How to begin to temper the child?

The child's organism reacts to externalIrritants. You can install an air ionizer, clean the room more often, ventilate the room. And as early as possible begin the process of hardening. If you leave naked in the crib after birth, when the temperature is between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius, your child will not freeze. In addition, you will sometimes warm it with your warmth.

When the child is not tempered, then the airHardening must be carried out gradually. First, remove from it a warm sweater or sweater, a week later get rid of warm socks. The next step is to remove the shirt, enough if there is a T-shirt. Long pants to replace shorts, and slippers should be worn on a bare foot.

Where to begin?

  • Only systematic hardening procedures will lead to success.
  • Hardening will bring the child pleasure.
  • Gradually increase the load - the principle of hardening.
  • Excessive clothing will lead to overheating, in it the child is difficult to move. In the summer, one coat of clothing, and in the spring, in the autumn - two layers, in the winter - three layers. The child's clothing must be made of natural cloth.

From the first weeks of life it is necessary to temper the baby andDo this during dressing, during massage and before bathing, which helps the child to get used to environmental conditions. Gradually, the air temperature is reduced from 22 degrees to 20 degrees at the age of two months and to 18 degrees to 6 months of age.

Dousing with cool water

A child after bathing is advisable to pourCool water, its temperature should be two degrees lower than in the bath itself. Start with a temperature of 34 degrees and reduce by 2 degrees every three days. In a month the child will get used to pouring cool water with a temperature of 20 degrees. It is not worth reducing more. After dousing the baby, gently rub it with a towel.

From the 2nd year of life you need to start pouring your feetCold water. First, the water temperature is 28 degrees, then reduce it daily by 2 degrees, bring it up to 15 degrees. The child should not experience unpleasant sensations.

It is useful for a child to walk on the floor barefoot. At first, children should go home at socks, then 15 minutes barefoot every day. Daily increase the time by 10 minutes. The floor must be clean so that the child does not get dirty and injured. Nerve endings are concentrated on the foot. When walking barefoot, a foot massage is performed, which tones the baby's body. Do not be afraid of blue legs, this is the reaction of the vascular system, it is trying to keep the heat in this way.

A contrast shower is the best kind of hardening, at first you can pour a child with warm water up to 40 degrees, 30 seconds, then with cool water 20 degrees, for 15 seconds.

Quenching procedures should be started gradually so that you can not harm the health of the child. If everything is done correctly, then the child will grow strong and healthy.

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